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The Episode starts with Amrish, Bhaven and Chirag coming to save Suman. Amrish sees Pandya family pic. Dhawal sees Natasha worried. He sees a truck coming. She gets scared and holds him tightly. Amrish says we came late. Bhaven asks shall I call the police. Dhawal and Natasha come. She asks where is Suman. Amrish says we didn’t find her anywhere. He gets Suman’s phone. Natasha worries. They see the news of psycho killer killing an elderly person and putting the dead body on the highway. Natasha and everyone are shocked.

She holds Dhawal’s hand and cries. Amrish says we promise, we will find your Dadi. Natasha says I m scared. Dhawal says stay positive, this can’t be your Dama. The reporter says the psycho killer killed an old man. Natasha says Suman has a strong will power, nothing will happen to her. Suman wakes up. She is kidnapped. She gets scared seeing the psycho killer. She says I m not scared, you will get punished.

The man says I m thinking good for you, old people are treated like junk, so I help them get free from the world. Suman throws something. Natasha gets the colour hair and says its left in a line, its going towards the back door, Suman left a clue for us, we should not waste time. They go to check. Dhawal recalls Natasha’s words. Dhawal gets water for Natasha. Chirag says wow, what an idea, killer will get scared of water and give Suman to us. Amba says I will get a job for you in Amrish’s office. Shesh says I didn’t complete my studies. She says you can work like a peon, your family is strange, Suman gave the property to daughter instead son, you give me your biodata. He says no one told me about the marriage. He goes. Amba says this marriage won’t happen. Mittu comes home, sees the mess and calls out Suman. Suman says my family loves me, I trust my relations, your family made you leave, you are merciless, my family will come here and save me, they will kill you. The man laughs. He asks her to wear the costume. He says tell me about your family and don’t stop talking. She tells about her family. Natasha says hair trail is ending here, Suman would be here. Dhawal says there is just one house here. Amrish says we will go and see. Suman tries to reach the window. Shesh comes home and sees the house messed up. He calls out Mittu and Suman. Mittu cries and says Suman isn’t at home. Shesh says psycho killer is roaming around, how can you be so careless. Suman opens the window. She tells about her four sons and bahus. She cries. She wears the joker costume. She says I won’t talk for 2 mins now. She hides in the cupboard. The man looks for her. Amrish says we should check here once. Natasha says yes. Chirag says I will go and check. He knocks the door.

Everyone fights the psycho killer. Natasha stops the man from stabbing Suman.

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