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The Episode starts with everyone dining. Hetal asks did Dhawal say anything to Amrish. Amrish asks Natasha to say something. He says you both…. Hetal says I asked her not to do this. He asks why did you refuse, she made tasty food, you have to tell her what she doesn’t know. Natasha smiles and says yes, Hetal will teach me well, our family is one, kitchen might be separated, we made good food. Dhawal gets up. He says I m not hungry. He goes.

Pranali gets a call. She says thanks, if my work gets done, it will be good, doctor. She smiles. Natasha waits for Dhawal. She talks to Suman. Suman says Mittu and Shesh told me everything, did Dhawal and you have any fight. Natasha says he is angry, he didn’t come to the room. Suman says you both are right, every house has own rules and traditions. She asks Natasha to convince Dhawal. Dhawal recalls everything. Natasha gets coffee for him. He turns away. She says sorry and rests on his shoulder. He asks how long will you say sorry. She says I promise, I will tell you everything I do. He says no, you do what Amrish and Amba wants.

Natasha says my family had democracy, everyone had a right to speak. Dhawal says we have discipline in our house, Amrish did a lot for us, you know he got all this for us, whatever he will do is for our betterment, you are disrespecting him. She says no, your family is mine now. He says we will see. She teases him and dances. Maan jao….plays… He pushes her away. He smiles. They drink the coffee. Its morning, Natasha comes from bathroom, wearing a bath towel. Dhawal changes in the room. Dhawal and Natasha see each other and scream.

He sees her in the mirror. They scream again. He sees the towel unwrapping. He runs to tuck it well. He tucks the towel. They have a moment. He gets a sheet and covers themselves. Tum kya mile….plays…

They fall on the bed. She asks what are you doing. He says saving you. She says I should save our equation, sorry, I didn’t intend to insult the elders, I m trying to understand the family, are you listening. She gets up. He wears his tee. He asks how did you come out, its my room also. She says you were sleeping in guest room, you could have gone to washroom there, stubborn guy. He says its useless to talk to you. She scolds him. He goes.

Bhaven says you will transfer 50 lakhs to me today. The man says yes. He sees Pranali there.

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