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The Episode starts with the old man looking for Suman. Chirag knocks the door. The old man checks him. Chirag says we have to check your d2h cable wiring. The old man says we don’t need it, we have no TV. Chirag insists and enters the house. He looks around. The old man sees Suman hiding in the cupboard. He holds a knife behind his back. The old man says I have to call the police, psycho killer is killing old people, are you that. Chirag says no, I have checked the wiring, I m leaving. He leaves. He says an old man is inside, he has locked himself inside because of the killer’s fear, he felt I m the killer. The old man catches Suman. Natasha says the colour hair are there, Suman is there. She calls out Suman. Dhawal says she can fall in danger, don’t shout, why does he want to kill old people. Chirag says he is old, he doesn’t look like a killer. Natasha says there is one way to know if Suman is inside. The old man ties up Suman. Natasha sings Kaise mann samjhaye…. Suman hears her and thinks its my Chutki’s voice, my Chutki has come.

Suman cries. The old man applies the makeup to Suman. Suman worries. The old man makes Suman dress up as clown. Suman throws the hair outside the window. Natasha sees it and says the psycho killer is here, we should go and see. Amrish says we will surround him and take him under control, be careful. Amba comes home. She dances happily. Pranali says another girl will get cheated like us. Amba asks her bahus to dance. Chabeli says control a little, else your bahus will doubt. The old man says you look like a joker now. Natasha and everyone come. Suman says go away, the old man has left gas on. She asks Chutki to go. Natasha asks Dhawal not to open the lights, gas is on. Suman asks Chutki to run away. The old man comes. Natasha scolds her.

He argues and says I m freeing your Dadi from her bad end, go from here, else you all will die. He lights the matchstick. Amrish and everyone stop the old man. Natasha stops Suman. The old man pushes all of them. He goes to stab Suman. Dhawal comes in between and gets stabbed. Suman and everyone are shocked.

Amrish, Chirag and Bhaven catch the old man and pull him behind. Dhawal is in pain. Natasha cares for his wound. She says I will not leave my Daama, your children did wrong with you, it doesn’t mean everyone is wrong. The police comes and arrests him. The old man says I will come back and kill you. Chirag asks Dhawal are you fine. He hugs Dhawal. Amrish looks on. Dhawal sees Natasha. Amrish cries and hugs Dhawal. Natasha thanks them. Suman thinks Natasha will marry Dhawal.

Natasha says I will make a new start in Makhwana family. Amba says your marriage won’t happen, I will snatch Pandya store from you.

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