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The Episode starts with Natasha bringing Suman home. They cry. Suman says the family is here with us. Amrish thanks everyone. He says you have proved you love me, Suman is impressed, now Dhawal and Natasha will get married. Bhaven says but we have promised to give them a land, its disputed land. Amrish says don’t worry, Makhwana women are just limited to kitchen, control Pranali, explain her, else I have to explain her in my way. Bhaven nods.

Suman shows the handprints of the family members. She says they lived and died for Pandya store. She cries. She asks Natasha to close eyes and feel their souls residing in the Pandya store. Natasha imagines Rishita. Jeevan ka pahiya…. She says Maa, you… They hug and cry. Rishita says don’t sell this Pandya store. Natasha says I can work in a company and take care of this family’s financial needs, what’s the problem. Rishita says there is no problem, this store will give you safety, think well and decide. Dhara comes and says our Chutki can’t do anything without deciding. Natasha sees her and says Badimaa… Dhara holds her and smiles. Dhara says you have grown up and got so beautiful. Rishita says she is foolish, explain her, how many problems we faced for this store, we went to bank for Pandya store’s better future, it was our dream, right. Dhara says yes, but its not right to burden kids with our dreams. Natasha says no, I want to manage my future better, this store snatched all of you, I feel bad. Dhara says it was just an accident, this Pandya store is our heritage, pride and life. Rishita says think of Shesh and Mittu, how will they feel if you sell this store. Dhara says our kids have unity, we gave this store to Natasha with trust, I promise, I will always stand by Natasha’s decision. Rishita says there is nothing imp than family. Natasha smiles and nods. They hug Natasha.

Natasha thinks I can’t sell this store, my family lives here. Dhawal says I m fine, Maa. Amba hugs him and cries. Amrish comes. She scolds Amrish. He says we saved Suman for the sake of humanity. She says you think for strangers, not your mum. She gets angry and says I can’t tolerate this. Amrish says we also lost our dad if you lost your husband, I didn’t let my brothers know this, I raised them as a father, will I wish bad for them, my decisions always proved to be better for everyone, I will decide for this family, I hope that no one doubts my intentions. Amba says I don’t doubt your intention, Natasha is bad luck for our family, I can’t welcome sorrow in the house. Dhawal says I have to marry Natasha for Amrish’s happiness.

Natasha says I will make a new start in Makhwana family. Amba says your marriage won’t happen, I will snatch Pandya store from you.

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