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The Episode starts with Shesh and Mittu coming home and meeting Suman. Natasha scolds them and says you are careless, you never do any work. Shesh argues with Natasha. Suman defends Natasha. He says you will give money when you have it, you have given everything to Natasha, you are also giving the store, the earnings will be of her and her husband. Suman beats him. Shesh says you knew it, I will come and question you, you both didn’t tell me about the marriage getting fixed. Natasha asks what are you saying. He says stop acting, I know you both did this, Dhawal’s mum, your Sasumaa told this to me. Natasha is shocked. Mittu says I didn’t know you are getting married. Shesh says stop crying, I will be happy if she gets married, but if you give her the store, what about Mittu and me, sons have the right on parents’ property, husband takes care of a girl’s expenses. Suman looks on. He thinks to talk to Amba and solve this matter. Suman says I can’t believe you are Dev’s son. Shesh and Mittu leave. Natasha asks did you fix my marriage with Dhawal. Suman says no, he proposed you, right, I heard it, he knows you have one kidney, but he doesn’t care for that. Natasha thinks of Dhawal. Pranali comes to Bhaven and says I will give the injection, I m a doctor, I know it. He scolds her and throws the injection. He says Amrish came here and warned me about you, your dad will need to come here to talk to him. She cries. Natasha thinks of Dhawal and smiles. She sees Suman sleeping and goes out. Suman wakes up and looks for her. Shesh comes to Dhawal’s house. The paint box falls. Natasha comes to the store and sees the ring. She imagines Dhawal. Natasha thinks to meet Dhawal and talk to him. Dhawal says I have saved Suman, if anything happened to her, then I would have got more hurt, all is well, I m proud of myself.

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