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The Episode starts with Chiku lying to Suman. He thinks to steal the jewellery and run away. Chirag takes Dhawal with him. Suman asks Natasha to wear the lagenga brought by her Sasural. She says you will look beautiful. Natasha says fine, but I will wear the dupatta you got. Suman says done, go and get ready. Dolly welcomes her friend Bhoomi Trivedi. Chirag introduces the family. Amrish asks her to come in and take some rest. Chiku comes in the room to steal the jewellery. Natasha comes. He sees Natasha wearing the jewellery. He thinks to faint her. Dhawal says I want Natasha’s signatures on marriage registration papers. Natasha asks do I look good. Chiku says yes, I m sorry. He faints her down. Suman says I will call Natasha. She calls out Natasha. She worries. Dhawal asks did anything happen. Suman says I asked her to do to temple for darshan, I forgot, you go, she will come in 5mins, I will get her to mandap. Dhawal goes. Suman worries. Chirag sees a man taking a girl and thinks its Dolly. He doesn’t see Chiku and Natasha. Suman says Natasha is missing, go and tell Amrish that she has an upset stomach. Mittu and Shesh ask where is she. She says don’t know, she went somewhere. Chirag shouts and stops Natasha. Shesh says always some drama happens. Mittu asks what will we tell the people. Suman says sorry for Natasha. Shesh says even Chiku isn’t here, did they run away. Suman says we will find them.

Amba says Amrish, you dream got fulfilled. Pandit says call the bride and groom. The man says finish the function soon, the other party is coming. Amrish asks Hetal to get Dolly and Chirag. He says I will go and get Dhawal and Natasha. Chiku puts Natasha in the car and leaves. Chirag follows the car. Suman says they aren’t here. Shesh says Natasha has run away with Chiku. Dhawal looks on shocked. Dolly comes to see Natasha. She sees her face and goes to apply a face mask. Pranali comes and thinks its Natasha. She says its just a business deal, this marriage is done to make a mall, you are getting cheated. Dolly thinks I know this, I think Natasha also knows it. Amrish comes and asks what are you doing here. Pranali says Natasha has an upset stomach, I will get medicine for her. Dolly thinks liar, I will tell her truth after marriage. Pranali goes. Amrish asks are you fine, shall I call a doctor. Dolly signs no. He says come soon, we are waiting. She thinks everyone is so confused, I have to get ready soon for marriage.

Chirag follows Chiku. Chiku takes a turn. Dhawal asks what, Natasha run away with Chiku, is this a prank. Shesh says no, she has a habit to run away, she got a letter from MBA college, she wanted to study. Suman says stop it. She asks Dhawal to not tell this to anyone and keep their respect. Suman says I think she went to get her doll house, she will come, Shesh go and get her. Dhawal says I will explain her that she can do MBA after marriage. Suman says you handle here, I will handle there. Hetal comes and asks him to sit in mandap. She goes to get Chirag. Dhawal worries.

Natasha runs away. Bhoomi performs. Natasha says Chiku is fake, he kidnapped me, Dhawal help me. Chiky holds her.

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