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The Episode starts with Natasha seeing Dhawal sleeping. She sits talking to him. He wakes up. He stops her from screaming. They both fall on the bed. Ve kamleyaan…plays… Shesh checks the store papers. Mittu asks what are you doing in Suman’s room. Shesh asks him to go and sleep. Mittu asks where are Suman and Natasha. Shesh says they would be upstairs, go and check. Mittu goes. Shesh gets the papers. Dhawal proposes Natasha. He says accept this indication and stamp on me, will you marry me. She asks do you really love me. He lies and says yes. She smiles and goes. He says I feel like I m doing wrong, Amrish said love happens after marriage, who knows I also love this maddy. Shesh calls up Amba. She smiles. Natasha comes out of the house and sees Suman.

Suman says you can’t lie to yourself, I like Dhawal for you. Natasha says I m worried for Shesh and Mittu, who will take care of you and house. Suman says I have handled everything when you all were little, you aren’t going away, just tell me, you like Dhawal or not. Natasha closes eyes and sees Dhawal. Suman says we will fix the marriage, Shesh and Mittu are immature, they will settle down, you say yes for marriage. Natasha says its my yes. She asks Suman to see the time and control excitement. Amba gets the store papers and says this marriage won’t happen now.

Natasha talks to Vandana on video call. She says Suman is fine, I wanted to talk about solid confusion. Vandana says I know its about a guy, who is he. Natasha tells about Dhawal. Vandana advises her. Natasha wishes her all the best. Suman says I can’t wait till the morning, I will call Amrish and talk to him. She calls Amrish. He takes the call. Suman says its me, Natasha’s Dadi. He asks are you okay, you called at this time. Suman says I m not well, just come soon. He says don’t worry, I will come. Hetal asks whose call was it. He says Suman called me home, she isn’t well. She asks isn’t her grandchildren not able to handle. Suman asks Natasha to make a guest list. Amrish comes to meet Suman. He says you are okay, I was worried. She says I wanted to talk to you, Dhawal has proposed Natasha, he loves her and wants to marry her, he said he isn’t marrying to get Pandya store. He is shocked. She asks is he saying the truth. He says Dhawal doesn’t lie, we will be glad if Natasha becomes our bahu without any condition and compromise. Suman says yes, marriage should happen for love, not compromise.

Natasha says I will make a new start in Makhwana family. Amba says your marriage won’t happen, I will snatch Pandya store from you.

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