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The Episode starts with Suman saying I agree. Amrish asks Natasha and Dhawal to go and spend time. He asks Suman to have sweets. He asks Amba to come. Amba feeds the sweets to Suman. Suman misses the family. She says they would have got happy if they were happy, I m also happy, I wanted such a family for Natasha, my family was also like that, brothers were united, Natasha got such a family, I m very happy, take care of her. Amrish sees Amba. Natasha talks to Dhawal about his family. She says Amrish has given freedom to the family women, you shouldn’t have a problem with this thing. He says family is happy, don’t mess up things. She says I want Pandya store income to go to Suman and my brothers. He gets worried. Amrish stops Amba. She says you have grown up, I got the proof and told the truth, you didn’t listen to me. He says listen to me, my move won’t go wrong, Natasha is the nominee, Chiku is missing, we will get the store, you focus on your four bahus, I will see the business. Shesh comes.

Amba says I will go to temple and come. Amrish goes. Shesh hides from him. Dhawal holds Natasha’s hand and says I promise, I won’t let them lack anything. Natasha smiles. Shesh meets Amba. Chabeli comes and looks on. Amba gives 10000rs to Shesh. He says I don’t want money. She insists him and says take this as investment in your business, your suggestion is right, I will ask the lawyer to make the papers ready, you can ask me whatever you need. Shesh touches her feet. He says I wish Suman was like you. She says its impossible, I m unique. He says transfer the store to my name, I will make everything possible. She asks him to take care. He goes. Chabeli asks what did you do, you gave him 10000rs. Amba says sometimes we have to make little sacrifice to win a big battle, this guy is very greedy, this money will keep his mouth shut, he will be useful to us to stop the marriage. Shesh taunts Natasha. Suman looks on.

She says everyone is same for me, get happy for your sister’s marriage, start the preparations. Chirag makes Sangeet plans. Amrish comes. He says I don’t like dancing on filmi songs, no one will dance. Chirag says but… Amrish gets angry. Mittu says we will dance. Suman says we have to discuss the functions preparations with Amrish. She calls Amrish. He takes the call. Suman says we have to discuss the marriage functions, haldi, sangeet… Amrish looks at everyone. Pranali asks how will Amrish explain Natasha’s family, its check mate. Amrish says we won’t keep sangeet. Suman says it should happen. He says children are happy, we will keep mehendi and haldi, and get baraat, but no Sangeet. Suman says we all keep sangeet, we like to sing and dance. Amba thinks to play her move. She says we will keep Sangeet if you say, I m here to arrange everything, don’t worry, we will take care of your guests. She ends call. Amrish asks what did you do, will the family women dance. Amba says yes, its not a big deal to compromise a little, this marriage is also a compromise, you want Pandya store for making a mall, we will sing and dance. He says no, you all won’t dance, call professional dancers, I won’t let anyone dance, did you hear it, Hetal. Amba says Natasha is an outsider, Suman wants to dance, Natasha will also like to dance. He says she has to learn out ways, Dhawal will stop her.

Dhawal breaks the alliance with Natasha. She argues and says I will break the relation myself.

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