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The Episode starts with Natasha scolding Dhawal. She says I don’t want to make you my life partner. Suman asks them to calm down. Amba starts her drama. She says we shouldn’t force them, sorry, we should leave now, take the shagun back. Ya rabba…plays… Amba taunts them. Natasha takes Suman and leaves. Amrish is in lockup. Dhawal comes and says this happened because of Natasha, I broke my marriage with her. Suman and everyone come home. Suman says no good work happens without a drama, whoever did this will suffer. Mittu worries. Amrish says find out who got the drinks in the party. Dhawal says don’t worry, I will find out, I can’t see you like this. Amrish says I won’t leave Natasha.

Mittu says don’t curse me, police arrested Amrish because of me, I kept that box in Amrish’s car, I saw that box in our belongings, I checked it and saw the wine bottles, I got scared that police can catch us, I got Natashas earring in the box, I thought she can get arrested. He gives the earring. Shesh recalls Amba’s words.

Natasha says Shesh was there, we have to find out who has done this. Suman says someone did this to get Amrish arrested, we have to find out who spiked your drink. Natasha nods. Shesh thinks my dreams can break in this mission. Its morning, Amrish sits angered. He recalls Natasha and says I will make your life hell.

Dhawal calls Chirag and says make me talk to Amrish. Chirag and Bhaven talk to the inspector. Lawyer tries to get bail. Chirag takes the phone to Amrish. Dhawal says ask the minister to help you in this case. Constable takes the phone from Amrish. Amrish shouts and asks Bhaven to call the minister, and make him talk to the inspector. Inspector worries and releases Amrish. He says get juice for Sir. Amrish says I don’t want. Inspector says some lady called me and told me about the alcohol, we got the box from the car, how can I leave you now, it will be a wrong example, I will talk to the minister, you see this news. They see the news of Amrish’s arrest. Dhawal calls and says I want to find the person who sold that boxes. Suman says Gautam and Hardik used to go to some store to buy alcohol, you can go there, I will go and check, maybe we have the number. Bhaven says we will lose our reputation. Amrish says I will take revenge on Natasha. Shesh calls Amba. Suman says don’t talk on calls. She takes the phone. Amba feels unwell. Everyone worries for her. Suman doesn’t give the phone to Shesh. She asks Mittu to check Shesh’s call list. Shesh takes his phone and deletes the call log. Suman, Natasha, Mittu and Shesh come to the alcohol godown in disguise. She asks them to take a video. Shesh calls Amba and says Amba Kaki, we all will get trapped. Dhawal says I m Dhawal, who will get caught, tell me. Amba and Shesh worry.


Pranali says I will tell this family’s truth to Natasha, they won’t get the store and make the mall.

Update Credit to: Amena

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