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The Episode starts with Shesh saying I was telling about the alcohol suppliers near the highway. He disconnects. Natasha takes a video of the alcohol stock. Goon catches her and takes the phone. Amba asks what happened. Dhawal says the one who supplied the alcohol in the party isn’t much away from me, its good news for us. He goes. Amba says Shesh called before also, I didn’t hear the ring. Pranali consoles Hetal. Dhawal calls the inspector and gives the tip of the alcohol godown on the highway. Inspector tells this to Amrish. Amrish says we should go. Inspector says you are innocent, you go home, we will go there. Natasha fights the goons. Natasha sees the goons coming. She passes the sticks to Suman and Mittu. They fight the goons. Shesh looks on and joins the fight. Goon catches Natasha. They get worried.

Amba asks Chabeli to take the blame. She says I will give you much money, don’t worry. Chabeli says no, I will leave the job. Amba says do as I say, don’t know what did Pandya family find. Dhawal comes to the godown and sees Pandyas captive by the goons. He beats the goons. The police comes there. The goons run outside. Police catches them. Inspector thanks Natasha and Dhawal. He says sorry, Amrish had to go through this. Natasha says ask him who gave the alcohol to our house. The man says I had supplied it on a woman’s saying. The other man says she was wearing pant shirt, I didn’t see her face. Inspector says I will find them, don’t worry.

Natasha says relations matter to me, so we did what we could, but not anymore. She leaves with her family. Dhawal says she never leaves a chance to scold. Hetal says Amrish is coming. Amba thinks and gets an idea. She says I have to find Chiku, once Natasha loses the Pandya store to Chiku, then this marriage will break. Chabeli says let her come in the house, she will get her sense in 4 days. Amba says no, we shouldn’t get a cunning opponent.

Natasha cries and says Dhawal didn’t see that I risked mine and my family’s life to save his brother, I will never marry him. Amrish comes home. Amba hugs him. Hetal does the aarti. Amrish says start the marriage preparations from tomorrow, we will talk to Suman, this marriage will happen, Dhawal you apologize to Natasha, for my sake, once she comes here, she will adjust to our family. Pranali says but she got you insulted, is it necessary to make her bahu, find some other way to get the store. He asks her to shut up.

He scolds her. He says I will take decisions of this house. He asks Bhaven to handle his wife, keep her under control. Paresh looks on. Amrish scolds him. He says ask your daughter to stay in limits. He gets angry on Pranali. He says nothing is imp to me than Natasha Pandya. Pranali thinks I will see how this marriage happens and how you take this store.

Pranali says I will see how this marriage happens, Amrish has to pay a price for insulting my dad, I will tell the truth to Natasha, Amrish won’t get the store.

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