Pandya Store 28th August 2023 Written Episode Update:

Pandya Store 28th August  2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Natasha Vindicates Amrish: Unraveling the Truth

The episode unfolds as Shesh mentions the alcohol suppliers near the highway. He abruptly disconnects the call. In response, Natasha covertly captures a video of the alcohol stock. However, a henchman apprehends her and forcefully confiscates her phone.

Amba inquires about the situation, and Dhawal informs her about the proximity of the alcohol supplier from the party, bringing a glimmer of hope. Amba reflects on missing Shesh’s earlier call. Pranali consoles Hetal as Dhawal contacts the police inspector, tipping him off about the alcohol storage on the highway. The inspector relays this information to Amrish, who decides to take action.

Nevertheless, the inspector assures Amrish of his innocence and advises him to return home, allowing the police to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Natasha confronts the henchmen, initiating a brawl. She equips Suman and Mittu with sticks, and together, they engage in combat. Observing the situation, Shesh also joins the fray. However, the adversaries corner Natasha, eliciting concern among her family.

Amidst the chaos, Amba proposes that Chabeli should shoulder the blame for the incident. She offers Chabeli a substantial sum of money, urging compliance. Chabeli contemplates leaving her job, but Amba persists, fearing potential revelations from the Pandya family. Meanwhile, Dhawal arrives at the alcohol storage and encounters the Pandya family being held captive by the henchmen. Dhawal takes on the henchmen, and the police arrive just in time. The henchmen flee but are apprehended by the police. The inspector expresses gratitude to Natasha and Dhawal for their assistance. Apologizing for the ordeal Amrish endured, the inspector reveals that the alcohol supplier acted upon the orders of an unidentified woman wearing trousers and a shirt.

Natasha underscores her concern for relationships and explains that their efforts were driven by their desire to assist. However, she asserts that she will no longer be involved. As the family departs, Dhawal remarks on Natasha’s penchant for criticism. Meanwhile, Amrish returns home, and Amba warmly embraces him. The family conducts an aarti to welcome him back. Amrish announces his intent to proceed with the wedding preparations, asserting that he will persuade Natasha to agree, emphasizing the family’s prestige. Disagreeing, Pranali points out that Natasha’s actions have tarnished their reputation and suggests exploring alternative ways to retain the store. Amrish rebukes Pranali and admonishes her to remain within her limits, asserting his decision-making authority.

Amrish’s anger flares as he scolds Bhaven, advising him to control his wife. Paresh observes the exchange silently. Amrish’s frustration escalates as he directs it at Pranali, affirming Natasha’s significance to him. Pranali resolves to disrupt the impending marriage, ensuring Amrish faces consequences for disrespecting her father. The episode concludes with Pranali’s determination to thwart Amrish’s plans and expose the truth to Natasha.

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