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The Episode starts with Dhawal going to Amrish. Amrish asks did you get the signs. Dhawal says yes. Amrish smiles. Suman looks around. Dhawal sits in the mandap. Amrish says even a son doesn’t do for a father, thanks my brother. Dhawal says don’t say thanks to me, you are the most imp to me. Amrish hugs him. He says you will fall in love with Natasha, stay happy. Dhawal says I will try my best. Mittu says Shesh is not reachable. Suman worries and signs Dhawal. Natasha gets conscious and sees Chiku. He says I just want the jewellery, give me the jewellery, then we will go from here. Bhoomi performs on Ram Chahe… Natasha shouts and beats Chiku.

He says I m not your brother. She cries. She says you cheated me and played with my emotions, I will get you arrested. He says why me, Amba hired me and paid me money for her work, so I kidnapped you. She says don’t take her name to save yourself. Amba asks Suman is everything fine. Suman says yes. Natasha beats Chiku more. He says I will go, just give me the jewellery. Mittu says Shesh reached home, Natasha isn’t there. Suman says I will get a heart attack this time.

Dhawal prays. Chirag looks for the girl. Hetal says Chirag and Dolly aren’t here. Amrish says they would be together. Dhawal thinks Amrish is looking angry. Pandit asks Amrish to call the couples. Pranali thinks I told the truth to Natasha and she didn’t come in the marriage. Natasha sees Shesh. Shesh sees her. He calls Mittu and says I got Natasha. Mittu tells this to Suman and Dhawal. Shesh asks why did you run away from marriage. Natasha signs him to go. Chiku takes Shesh’s phone. Shesh says don’t run like this. Natasha pushes Chiku and takes the phone. He says she isn’t our Chiku, he is fake Chiku, run. Dolly comes.

Suman says Natasha has come. Natasha says Chiku kidnapped me, he was after my jewellery. Shesh says thank God, real Chiku didn’t come, if he did this, then I would have got hurt. Chiku says stop, you people are strange, give the jewellery. Shesh says no way. They fight. Chiku picks a stone and hits on Shesh’s head. Shesh falls. Dolly sits with Dhawal in the mandap.

Bhoomi sings Udi udi jaye… Natasha runs from Chiku. She calls Dhawal and says Chiku is fake, come and help me. Chiku catches her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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