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The Episode starts with Amba asking Hetal to handle the work. Hetal says no, I made a mistake. Amrish says come fast, we have to end the function in 2 hours. They hear someone whistling. Amba says maybe the sound came from someone’s house, you go. Amrish goes. Amba asks Hetal to go and see if she left anything. The man says I made your Chiku reach there. Amba says I got a good news, you go now. Chiku says I will handle everything. Suman smiles seeing Natasha’s mehendi. Natasha cries seeing the store. Suman says it’s the first time a daughter is getting married in the Pandya family, and we are together. They leave. Pranali meets Paresh. She says you are taking shagun to the marriage, why. He says I m Amrish’s employee first, don’t feel bad, you are blessed to become their bahu. She says don’t lie, you know this marriage is a compromise, you caught their tax theft, so they got me married to Bhaven, you didn’t think once, they are so fake people, I will tell the truth to Natasha, Dhawal doesn’t love her, this marriage is happening to get Pandya store. He asks her to think about her sister. She says I m doing this thinking of your insult, I feel hurt, I couldn’t become a doctor, but enough now, you won’t tell anything to anyone, go from here. Dhawal is tensed. Chirag says Dolly will get full attention. Dhawal says don’t ask me. Pranali comes to meet Natasha. Natasha leaves in the car. Pranali follows the car. Dolly greets Amrish and all. He asks where are Bansi and Bela. She says they went to receive Bhoomi. He asks who is she. She says I know you like simple things, can I ask you something as a wedding gift, my friend Bhoomi is a big singer, I asked her to give a special performance in our marriage, when she learnt I m marrying in Makhwana house, she agreed. Amrish says no problem. Paresh comes and sees them. Amba asks about Pranali. Pandyas arrive. Pranali sees Natasha. Suman says wear the lehenga which they gave you. Natasha says it matters to me. Pranali calls her out.

Amrish asks where is Pranali. Paresh says she went to get garlands. Pranali says I want to talk something imp. Amrish and Amba come out. Pranali hides. Natasha greets them. Amba says you didn’t wear the lehenga we gave you, go and change, get ready, mahurat time will pass. Natasha says that lehenga… Amba says its costly, bahus wear the lehenga that comes from Sasural, its our tradition. Natasha says but I can’t do this, sorry, I don’t want to wear it. Amba asks why, big people will come in the marriage. Natasha says I respect your traditions, but I want to wear what my mum and Badimaa wanted, Suman made a good lehenga for me. Amba says Dolly is a big celebrity, she is wearing the lehenga we gave her. Mittu says Natasha was also a celebrity in childhood. Amba says she isn’t a celebrity now, the lehenga is worth 2 lakhs, jewellery is worth 25 lakhs, you should know that we got good things for her. Suman says you got a good lehenga, but what I got, it has our family blessings. Natasha says I didn’t intend to hurt your heart. Amrish says we should understand what she is feeling, it’s a big day for her, she doesn’t have her parents, we won’t hurt her heart, she can wear her family’s choice. Suman thanks him.

Amba asks about Chiku. Suman says he is the eldest grandson, Chiku, Yashodan Pandya. Amrish is shocked. Amba signs him. He goes. Shesh gives the lehenga to Natasha. Amrish gets angry and says how dare she break the marriage traditions. Dhawal comes and calms him down. Amba says I know you are worried because of Natasha, we got a solution, her brother has come, the store is on Yashodan’s name, I will make you meet Chiku, you do the deal with him, cancel this marriage.

Amrish says its time to fulfill my dream, take Natasha’s sign on these papers. Amba says she left the mandap and ran away.

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