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The Episode starts with Natasha asking Shesh and Mittu to take care of the store. Shesh says you get happy, you got rid of the store, Chiku will get the store now. Suman looks on. Amba says store is on Chiku’s name, have a meeting with him and do the deal, you don’t need to keep this marriage. Dhawal and Hetal say yes, we will cancel the marriage, I m marrying only for your happiness, you can make the mall if Chiku has come, I promise, I will crack this deal. Amrish says people will taunt you if the baraat goes back, this marriage will happen, and Pandya store will be ours.

Shesh says I mean Dhara and Gautam gave the store to Natasha, but the store isn’t registered on her name. Suman asks how did you get to know this. Shesh says I was finding my papers, I got the store papers, registration isn’t done, Chiku will have the first right on it. Natasha smiles. Dhawal says why to take risk if Chiku has come back. Amrish says we will take the situation in our side with love. He calls the man to register two marriages. He says I have to make a paper also. Amba thinks my son wants to defeat me, I have to find a way. Nataha hugs Shesh and says you gave me the best wedding gift. She asks Chiku to take care of the store. Amrish says its Pandya store papers, make Natasha sign these papers, Natasha will become my bahu, she loves you, you will also love her, she won’t know that this marriage is a compromise, go now, get ready. Natasha says Chiku is the solution of all my problems, he will handle the store, I will accept the admission and then job in MNC. Suman says fine. Chiku says I will handle everything. He goes to steal the jewellery. Amba comes and stops him. She says you already got much money, 20000rs, you didn’t do my work. Pranali goes upstairs. He says no one could identify that I m fake Chiku. Amba says go and ask your share in Pandya store, get the papers, Amrish will break this marriage, name the store to Amrish. Pranali looks for Natasha. Chiku asks for 5 lakhs. He says I will tell them you got me here as fake Chiku. Amba asks how will you prove it, I will call it a lie, Pandya family and Makhwana family will beat you, you will go to jail.

Pranali comes and sees them. Amba and Chiku act. Amba says explain Natasha to wear the dress given by Sasural. Pranali says I will explain her well. She goes to Natasha and tells the truth. The dhol music starts. No one hears what Pranali is saying. Pranali goes out and asks them to stop the music. The girl says we are Natasha’s friends. Pranali gets angry. Juice falls over her saree. Pranali scolds them. The girl argues. Pranali dances. Chiku says Amba gave the dress for Natasha, but Natasha is right, its her day, things should be as she likes, Dhara always used to say that a person should think of own happiness first, I will return this and come. He thinks to flee with the jewellery. Suman stops him and says Dhara can never say that, she used to live for others. He says she told me before leaving the world. She says you weren’t here when that incident happened, you left with Shweta.

Amrish says its time to fulfill my dream, take Natasha’s sign on these papers. Amba says she left the mandap and ran away.

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