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The Episode starts with Bhoomi singing Udi udi jaaye. Amrish says we will continue the function after the marriages. She says no problem. Pranali thinks Natasha is foolish to come here. Amrish gets a call. He asks Chirag where is he and where is Dolly. Chirag says listen to me, Dolly has run away. Amrish asks what. The call disconnects. Bhaven asks what happened. Amrish says Dolly has run away. Bhaven asks what. Amrish says yes, we will go and find her once this marriage happens. Shesh asks Natasha to run. Natasha runs. Dhawal and Dolly exchange the garlands. Amba asks Amrish why are you worried. He says I got tired. She says don’t be. Natasha calls Dhawal. Dhawal says yes Shesh. She says Chiku is fake, he has kidnapped me, please save me, Dhawal. He gets shocked and asks who is this Natasha then… He sees the bride. Chiku holds Natasha and smiles.

Dhawal and Dolly see each other’s face by lifting sehra and ghunghat. They scream and say you… Everyone is shocked. Amba smiles. Amrish says Dolly, you are here, then where is Natasha. Dolly says wrong question, where is Chirag, its my marriage.

Amrish asks where are Chirag and Natasha. Dhawal says Natasha got kidnapped, she called and said Chiku is fake. Suman and Mittu are shocked. Dhawal says she told me the location, I will go and get her. He leaves. Suman worries. She says Dhawal will get her. Pranali thinks to explain Dolly not to tell anything to Amrish. Amba asks didn’t you know this. Suman says no. Amba says but how can you make a big mistake. Amrish thinks. Amba says you couldn’t know real and fake Chiku. Suman says I have lost a lot, my entire family, still had courage for my grandchildren, when Chiku came home, I believed and showered love, he took an advantage, I will ask him the truth, why did he do this. Amba worries.

Suman says I will put that person in the well. Natasha and Chiku fight. He asks her to give the necklace. He pushes her. She falls over Dhawal. Dhawal smiles seeing her. He beats up Chiku. Chiku runs away. He asks are you okay. She says Shesh is unconscious. Shesh comes and says I m okay. Dhawal asks them to come fast. Dolly says Natasha ruined my marriage. Amba says we should postpone the marriage. Dhawal gets Natasha in his arms. Suman hugs Natasha. Natasha says fake Chiku has run away. Amba says I got saved. Suman asks what. Amba says he got saved. Chirag comes and sees Dolly. He runs and hugs her. Bhoomi sings. The couples dance. Hall manager says 2 hours are over, you have to vacate the hall. Amrish asks shall we leave the marriage incomplete, I will clear the bills tomorrow. Shesh and Mittu talk that they love Natasha. Suman smiles. Amrish smiles seeing everyone happy.

Natasha says I got a big family today, its mine, its my first rasoi tomorrow. Amrish says yes, you will just handle the kitchen, I will take over the Pandya store.

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