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The Episode starts with Amba explaining the house rules to Natasha. Natasha thinks they look united, but they aren’t. Shesh and Mittu do the work. They miss Natasha. Shesh argues. Suman scolds Shesh. He says I was joking, you get angry, but don’t get sad, smile. Mittu asks her to have food. She says a guy came to the store, he applied dirt marks on the pillar. Mittu says don’t worry, I will go and clean it. She says I felt restless seeing him, I felt I know him very well, he said he has an old relation with this city, he knew where we keep the rice sacks, he was around Chiku’s age, was he Chiku.

Amrish scolds Pranali. He says you told Natasha that the marriage is happening for Pandya store, you thought I won’t know this. She says sorry, I made a big mistake, Dolly was there, you don’t take tension, Natasha didn’t hear anything. He asks her to shut up. He says I can fire your dad from job, don’t forget. He threatens her. She says sorry, don’t punish my family. He says I will sell your medical degree in junk. He warns her.

Shesh says maybe that guy came to see our store, we have to be careful. Suman gets Natasha’s call. Shesh jokes. Natasha says its strange, they have four kitchen for four bahus, Amba gifted stove to Dolly and me, we have to make our food ourselves, everyone is already broken apart. Suman says you know Dhara, she kept everyone united by her unique ideas, think of bringing everyone together. Natasha says yes. Dhawal enters the room. Chirag comes to Dolly.

She asks him to lift ghunghat. He says camera is on. She says yes. He says something should be personal. She says everything is public in my profession. He says you can’t make our suhaagraat live telecast. He asks what will you cook for me, I have fixed the stove, its your first rasoi, I got an idea, I will get kheer and you say you made it, you are so cute, Amrish spoke to me, man to man, he said I should think of extending my family, he gave this necklace for you. She likes it. He hugs her.

Dhawal gets water for Natasha. He says Hetal gave this glass of milk for you. She puts the milk in another glass and gives it to him. They come to their room. Mann mast magan…plays.. He sees her and laughs. He cleans the milk moustache from her face. Pranali enters Chirag’s room. He gets away from Dolly. Pranali scolds Dolly.

Dolly cries. Chirag consoles her. He says don’t talk to her like this. Pranali says explain her not to come in my way. She goes. Dhawal says sorry. Natasha says I m sorry, its new for me, its my first marriage. He says its my first marriage also. He jokes. He says everything is decided by mum here, separate kitchen doesn’t mean we are divided. She says yes, can you promise me, until we know each other, we won’t move on in this relation. He thinks what to do. Chirag consoles Dolly. He sings and makes her smile.

He asks do you like kids. Dolly says a lot. They get close. Natasha says I know you have many expectations, you can understand my position. Dhawal says I understand. She says we have to stay together all life, why to hurry, right, promise me, we won’t move on until we are comfortable.

Natasha says I got a big family today, its mine, its my first rasoi tomorrow. Amrish says yes, you will just handle the kitchen, I will take over the Pandya store. Chiku demolishes Pandya store. Suman is shocked.

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