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The Episode starts with Natasha asking Dhawal to promise. He promises her. She thanks him and hugs. They fall over the bed. Hetal says Natasha is sensible, she gave the jewellery to Amba. Amrish says if she gives the Pandya store to me, then there is no problem, no one can stop it from happening, keep this file safe, I have to give it to Paresh. She says fine. He says the work will start tomorrow, amazing. Natasha says we will sleep separately. She sleeps on the bed. Dhawal says yes, you are right. He says you sleep on the sofa, I have a habit to sleep on the bed, its my bed. She says we are married, its my room, I will sleep on the bed. He says please go. She says no. He says I will have a backache, go please. She goes and sleeps on the sofa.

Its morning, Pranali and Hetal say there is no gas stove in the kitchen. Amba asks what, how can this happen. Dolly says even my gas stove is missing, its good, I don’t know cooking, I asked Chirag to get the kheer, I will serve it to everyone. Natasha gets the breakfast for everyone. She says breakfast is ready, come and have it, Dolly, I have made the breakfast from your side also, you serve it. Dolly hugs her and says I love you. Amba asks didn’t the gas disappear from your kitchen. Natasha says no, I have sold the other stoves, I just kept one gas stove in the house. Dhawal worries.

Suman prays. Amba asks why did you sell it. Natasha gives the money to them. She says when we have one family, why should we have four kitchen, Suman taught me, that a family is united when there is love, respect and common kitchen, we will handle it together, don’t worry. Amrish stops Amba. He says Natasha, wow, you started bringing changes, now we will have new rules and new thinking in our house. Natasha thanks him. He blesses her. Pranali says we are a family, separate kitchens don’t matter, I like a separate kitchen. Dolly says yes, I also liked the separate kitchen concept, I thought to call a chef for cooking food for us, you don’t need to do this, Natasha. Natasha says we shouldn’t stay as nuclear family when we are a joint family. Amba starts her emotional drama. Dhawal says you should have asked me once. Natasha says I did it for betterment, I m sorry if I have hurt your heart. Amrish consoles Amba. Hetal says we follow Amba’s rules, Natasha, you didn’t do right. Amrish says we can’t insult food by not eating it, come, we will complete the first rasoi rasam. Natasha smiles. Amba asks what happened to you, I told you, this girl will create a mess, see it now. He says don’t worry, come. He pushes the food trolley. The food falls down. Everyone is shocked.

Amba looks at Amrish. She says Maa Annapurna didn’t accept this food, it’s a big bad omen, we have to keep puja for house peace. Natasha says nothing bad happened, there is food there in all the bowls, if Annapurna Maa got upset, then the food would have not got saved, my intentions are good, our food didn’t get spoiled, but less, come and have it. Pranali says Natasha is amazing. Hetal says I m seeing her new side, she wants to keep this family together, she gave a new hope to us. Amrish asks his brothers to sit. Natasha asks Hetal and Pranali to sit. She says Dolly and I will serve the food. Natasha says you both are elders, please sit. She makes Hetal sit. Amrish stares at Hetal.

Natasha says I got a big family today, its mine, its my first rasoi tomorrow. Amrish says yes, you will just handle the kitchen, I will take over the Pandya store. Chiku demolishes Pandya store. Suman is shocked.

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