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Scene 1
Pami and others rush to Pari and ask if she is okay? her feet are bleeding. Bebe says Neeti danced well so she should get the gift, Gurvindar gifts her. Tayaji says Pari is hurt and you people are worried about the dance? The family takes Pari from there.

Sanju makes Pari sit on the bed, Pami goes to get a first aid box. Sanju scolds Pari for not being careful, he holds her foot and cleans her wound, she tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen. Pari lovingly looks at him, Bebe sees that.

Bebe comes to Neeti and says this shouldn’t have happened. Neeti says why not? I won so I don’t care if Pari got hurt. Bebe says she got hurt but you didn’t do anything right? Neeti says I knew she would win so I threw a bangle at her and she got her.. I don’t care as I won. Bebe says maybe you didn’t as your husband is taking care of her. Neeti says I won’t spare him, she leaves.

Sanju is bandaginng Pari’s foot, she laughs at him and says its not that deep, its a small wound. She walks in front of him and says I am okay.. she slips but Sanju holds her. Neeti comes there and sees them close. Sanju is laughing with Pari. Neeti angrilt leaves. Pari moves away and thanks him. Pami and Bubbly come there. Sanju says I found the first aid box and she is fine now as I cleaned her wound. Pami smiles and says I hope you both remain happy together.

Bebe comes to Neeti and says you have to be calm and think about why all the family members think Pari is the right girl for Sanju because Pari has all the traits of a good girl.. you have to taint her image. Neeti says that’s not easy. Bebe says if you break Pami’s trust on Pari then others will stop supporting Pari too. Pami takes this function very seriously and if Pari does any mistake then she won’t trust Pari again, we have to play this smartly. Neeti says you are right.

Pami tells the family that she will go and check for the pooja. Pari tries to going behind her but Sanju stops her and says let her do it, she is very serious about the pooja. Neeti comes there and plans something. She goes to the mandir and thinks I will make Pami go against Pari today. She puts oil on the floor and thinks Pami will get hurt by falling and everyone will blame Pari then. Pami comes there, Neeti says should I bring Gopal’s jewelry for pooja? Gurvindar says she doesn’t let anyone do it, Pami says I will bring it. She goes. Neeti whispers to Bebe that Pari will lose all respect of Pami today. Pami is near the oil and steps on it.. she falls down and screams in pain. All rush to her. Neeti says what is this oil cotton doing here? Pari cries and says maybe I left it here mistakenly, I am sorry.. Sanju scolds her and says you should have been careful. They take Pami to her room. Pari cries and says I should have been careful. Neeti says I am angry at you but I still have a soft corner for you, I didn’t like the way Sanju scolded you but you know Pami is important to him. Pari cries and leaves. Neeti tells Sanju that Pari got angry, she said that we keep scolding her, I told her that she did a mistake but she didn’t agree and thinks that we shouldn’t scold her this much. Sanju says really? she thinks we are scolding her for no reason? I will go and talk to her, he leaves. Neeti thinks lets see how my plan works out. She is going behind them but Bebe stops her and asks what is she upto? Neeti tells her about the plan and says lets see how Sanju fights with Pari. Bebe says you have to keep attacking.

Sanju goes to Pari and says what do you think of yourself? Pari cries and says I am sorry.. Sanju is confused and says things are not matching? Pari says I didn’t know how I did that mistake, I am sorry. Sanju says I know you didn’t do it deliberately, its okay. Pari says you are not angry at me? He says no and asks her to relax.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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