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Scene 1
Rakesh comes home. He says feels so good to be back home. Alavat slaps him and says whose body was in the mortuary? Rakesh says not your son’s. Alavat says shut up. Rakesh says I don’t know who it was. I asked Shera to arrange me a body. A guy met an accident. Shera made tattoo on him and then placed all the proofs. Alavat says Sanju is in jail for yyour murder. Rakesh says he better be there. Rakesh says I am happy. You can come to meet me to another city. Rakesh says why did you have to plan all this? He says I want Sanju to get death sentence. Alavat says what? You will ruin my career. Don’t come here ever again. Rakesh’s mom says don’t be upset. Your dad is angry. Rakesh asks did Pari cry on my death? She says no.

Constable tells Sanju someone is here to meet him. Pami is there to meet him. Sanju asks how are you? Pami says are you okay? He says I am fine. Don’t worry about me. I am okay. She says you can’t lie to me. Sanju gets teary. Pami says we will get you out soon. Sanju hugs her and cries. She says see I got our favorite food.
Neeti recalls what Sanju said. She is happy. Salojna looks at her smiling. Salojna wonders how is she so happy. She says you look happy. What is it? Did Pari die? Neeti says don’t say such things. I met sanju. I was so happy. He said he loves me the most. He doesn’t even think about her. He’s only mine I don’t care if Pari lives here or not. I got very rude to Pari. I feel very relaxed today. I can say sorry to pari. Neeti asks chandrika did Pari come? She says not yet.

Scene 2
Monty calls Pari. Pari tells him about the rally. She says a man went in and now he’s leaving. Monty says it was Rakesh for sure. He took advantage to the crowd. Salojna says I can’t let Neeti be happy and fix everything. I’ve to break this family. I can’t fail. I can’t let Pari be Neeti’s friend again. Monty says to Pari and Chandrika it was Rakesh for sure. Pari says he’s very clever. He’s doing all this to frame Rakesh. They will do anything for Rakesh. Pari says they pplayed the same game with my brother as well so I marry him. Chandrika says what can we do. Monty falls. His mouth bleeds. Pari says you should rest a little. Monty says how will I wear the beard now? Pari says I will got here. Monty says it’s very risky. Pari says I can take any risk for Rajiv. Pari takes her medicines.

Neeti comes to Pari. Neeti hugs her. Neeti says do you consider me your friend? Pari says you are my life. Neeti says why didn’t you tell me it’s so complicated to love me or be friends with me. I considered yyou both wrong. I was insecure. But sanju loves me a lot. I was overthinking a lot. He told me today how important am I for him. Pari says no one can take your place in his life. He loves you a lot. He can do anything for you. He told me that. Neeti says why didn’t he tell me directly. Pari says only you’re his love. Neeti leaves.

Episode ends

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