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Scene 1
Pami tells the family that she is okay, Tayaji says I have called the doctor. Gurvindar says she should have been careful. Pami says I can walk and I am fine. Sanju and Pari come there. Sanju says Pari wants to apologize. Gurvindar says don’t take her side, you know how important this function is for Pami so Pari should have been careful, I will take care of everything with Neeti. Sanju says Pari wants to be a part of the pooja so give her a chance. Neeti comes there, Pami asks Neeti if she is okay in giving another chance to Pari? Neeti thinks I don’t want to but says sure, I can give her another chance. Do you trust her right? Pami says yes. Neeti says then give her the house keys.. she can take things from there for the pooja so please give it. Pami says you are right and gives the house keys to Pari. She says this is your responsibility now, you can take anything you want for the pooja. Pari says I am sorry, I won’t do this again. Pami says yes, I know. All leave from there. Pari thanks Neeti and says I can’t believe you did this for me, I was feeling bad but you took my side. Neeti says I know it was your mistake but don’t do another mistake otherwise I will not spare you, she leaves. Pari tells Bubbly that my relationship with Neeti is very strong and it can’t break.

Pari comes to her room, Neeti comes there so Pari thanks her again and says I know I don’t need to worry if you are with me. Neeti says yes but don’t do another mistake now. Neeti thinks I will destroy Pari’s relationship with this house today.

Bebe comes to Neeti and asks what is she up to? Neeti says I am going to do what I never thought to do but Pari has created situations that’s making me do things I never wanted to.

Pari thinks what’s wrong with Neeti? first she got the keys from Pami and gave them to me and then she warned me to not hurt her family.. I think she wanted to show that this family is hers. Its okay. She wipes her tears and starts decorating Kahna’s swing. She says I don’t have any greed, I just want my friend Neeti back, please resolve all issues between us.

The priest calls everyone for the pooja. Pami starts doing pooja, Neeti recalls how she had loosen the swing screw. Pami asks Pari and Sanju to do the pooja together. They do it. All family members rotate the swing, Neeti waits for the swing to break and thinks why isn’t it breaking.. The swing breaks but Pari holds Kahna before it can fall down. All sigh in relief. Neeti hints at Bebe. Bebe tells Pami that I didn’t expect this from you, she scolds Neeti and says why does pooja keep getting ruined? you should have taken the responsibility. Pari says it was my fault. Neeti shouts I told you to not do any other mistake, I took your side but you keep doing mistakes. This is such a bad omen. Pami says don’t be angry at her. Neeti says don’t take her side because of me. Chandrika asks her to calm down, Neeti says it was my mistake to trust Pari but I won’t be silent anymore. You all let Pari stay here because of me but I was a fool. I thought she would do the work with responsibility but she doesn’t deserve anything. Pami says let it be. Gurvindar says you should have thought if Pari deserves these responsibilities or not. Pari cries and says I am sorry. Pami says its okay.. Kahna was saved and the pooja was done so its okay. Pari says I don’t know how this happened. Neeti says I was a fool to trust you, you are useless and good for nothing. Bebe says as an elder, I take all responsibilities back from Pari. She takes the house keys from Pari.

The episode ends.

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