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Scene 1
Pari goes to open the door. Neeti is there. Paris’ face is hidden. rakesh’s mom says why are you here? Neeti says did Pari come here? Rakesh’s mom says why would she go from here. Neeti asks the maid to show her face. Rakesh’s mom says why would she? SHe’s our servant. Neeti says she has to show her face. Rakesh’s mom shoves her out and locks the door. Paari says Neeti please forgive me. Shera comes to Rakesh. rakesh says give me the news that Sanju got a death sentence. He says your dad got a fracture. Rakesh says I have to go. He hides his face.

Neeti says to Sanju Pari is missing since morning. Sanju says what if she left the house? How can she do that? Did you talk to police? Neeti says I will see yyou later. Sanju says I hope Pari is okay. Rakesh’s mom asks Pari and Chandrika why are you both here? pari says we were just standing here. It’s not like you’ve hidden anything from us. She says why would I hide anything. Rakesh’s mom asks Chandrika to leave. Pari can leave at 11. Rakesh’s mom asks Pari to make tea. Sanju is worried. the prisoner says don’t worry she must be around. Rakesh says to the constable I need to make an urgent call. It’s about someone’s life. He says let me see if I can do that.

Scene 2
Rakesh’s mom asks Pari why are you here? She says you asked me to stay. She say go to servant quarter. Rakesh comes outside. Rakesh’s mom asks Pari to open he door. Pari opens the door. She sees Rakesh. Pari is shocked. Rakesh’s mom says this is Pavan, my nephew. She asks Pari to get water for her. Pari is shocked.

Amit asks Chandrika so much happened and yyou didn’t even tell me. She says you were.. He says you thought I was useless. My brother is in jail. She says relax please. He says how can I calm down. You should have told me. tao ji says calm down. Youb can’t talk to your wife like this. Chandrika isn’t responsible for this. We didn’t want to trouble you. Amit says Sanju is in jail. Tao ji says he will be fine.

Neeti calls the lawyer and says please get sanju’s bail done. The constable allows Sanju to call. The prisoner says you love Pari a lot. Neeti says to Chandrka tell Ammit we will go to the court tomorrow. The lawyer is confident. Pari calls Chandrika. Pari tells Chandrika I will be late. Please handle things. She says Rakesh is alive. Chandrika can’t hear. She says I can’t hear yyou. Pari calls again but her number isn’t on. Sanju calls Pari but her phone is busy. SAnju says please sir let me do one call. Please sir. They take the phone.

Scene 3
Alavat slaps Rakesh. He says what are yyou doing here? We can’t even go out. People can doubt us. He says this is our son. So usleess. I wish I had a daughter insted. He won’t let us breathe. Rakesh says I came for you. Alvat says I wish I could send yo to jail myself. He says get out. if anyone sees, we would be in trouble. Rakesh says I will go after food. Rakesh comes downstairs. Pari recalls what he did. Rakesh stops her. He says who are you? Why do you hide your face? He comes near her. Pari is scared. He says are you scared? He says you can’t go anywhere. Show me your face.

Episode ends

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