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Scene 1
Rakesh’s mom slaps him and asks Manjali to leave. She says what do you want now? There should be no trouble between today and tomorrow otherwise we’d be in jail. Everyone can’t eat. Pami says I know you are all worried for Sanju but we have to stay healthy to fight for sanju. She says Toa ji you didn’t eat lunch either. We have to eat for Sanju. She asks Chandrika where is Pari? Chandrika says she ate and slept. Neeti says no, she can’t do that. Chandrika says she wasn’t feeling well. She will sleep. Amit asks Neeti what did the lawyer say? She says he’s hopeful. Bebe says she is working so hard. Amit says we’re all with you Neeti. She says we will all leave before 11. Pami says I never thought we’d see this day. Neeti says we will have dinner with Sanju tomorrow.

Pari is shocked. She says Rakesh is alive. She recalls how they accused him. Pari says Rakesh is alive thank God. i will tell everyone Rakesh is alive. Rajiv is innocent. Everyone will be so happy. She cries. Rakesh’s mom comes there and says why are you crying? Pari hides her face. she says I was missing my husband. She says you can’t go tonight. The weather is bad, your family would accuse us if something goes wrong. I don’t wanna be in another trouble. Pari says another? She says nothing. Neeti asks chandrika did you see Pari? Chandrika says she’s sleeping. Neeti says let me check. Pari says I hope no one finds out I am not home. Chandrika goes to Pari’s room and sleeps under the blacket. Her phone rings. Neeti says she’s asleep. I will speak to her tomorrow. Pari calls Chandrika. Pari says to Chandrika the weather is bad, they’re not letting me go. The connection gets lost before Pari could tell her the truth.

Scene 2
Rakesh says my life was so good. Now I am locked up here. He says where can I go. I don’t know what to do. Pari comes to Rakeshh’s room later with a phone. He’s in the other room. Pari hides her face.
Neeti can’t sleep. She thinks about sanju. Neeti feels restless. Salojna comes to her. She says I know you’re worried for Sanju. I am so worried as well. Neeti says I can’t sleep either. Salojna says Pari is asleep. Neeti says she’s pregnant. it’s fine. She doesn’t need to worry about Sanju anyway. Bebe says you have to prove that you’re the best wife for Sanju. You have to save him. Show that you will fight the whole world. Pami comes in and tells Neeti my blessings are with you.

Pari hides. Rakesh looks around. He says I felt like someone was in the room. Pari hides behind a sofa.She tries to record him. Pari sneaks out. Rakesh says I need to sleep, no one is here.

Episode ends

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