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Scene 1
Sanju tells Pari that he wants to care for her. Pari says I just want you to care for Neeti. Sanju says so you don’t want to listen to me? fine.. go and do what you want, he leaves. Pari thinks she had to hurt Rajiv but she is doing this for her friend Neeti. Bubbly comes there and says he loves you a lot.

Sanju tells Monty that he respects Pari but Neeti has an issue with it.. I won’t let Pari leave, its her house too.

In the morning, Gurvindar is preparing for the event. She tells Bebe that Pari’s mother is coming to take her and everything will be fine then. Pami looks at Neeti and tells Chandrika that Neeti looks sad.. she might be smiling but she is hiding her pain. Pari comes there and goes to Neeti.. she asks why do you look sad? Neeti says I am totally fine. Pari says I know you are sad as I am leaving. Neeti says no.. I am very happy that you are leaving. She starts coughing so Pari rushes to get water for her and asks her to be careful. Neeti sadly looks at her.

Ganpati idol is brought in the house and all family members welcome it. Pari sees the idol is about to fall down but she holds it in time with Sanju. All are relieved. The priest says lets start aarti.

All family members do aarti together. Sanju and Neeti do pooja together. Pari comes there and does pooja with Neeti.. she says the family that does pooja together, stays happy together. Neeti sadly looks on but does the pooja with ehr. Pari prays for Neeti’s happiness. Neeti prays for Pari to leave and for Sanju to be hers only. Bebe whispers to Neeti to not forget Pari wants to separate her and Sanju. Gurvindar comes there and says you are so nice.. you still care for Pari even after all she did.

Pari is going to kitchen and slips but Sanju comes there and holds her.. he asks if she is okay? She says yes and starts leaving but he stops her. He says I couldn’t sleep last night. Pari asks why? He says I am very sorry about last night, I shouldn’t have talked to you like that. He holds his ears and starts doing situps. Pari asks him to stop it and says I forgive you. Neeti sees that and is angry .

Pami asks Tayaji to talk to Pari’s mother and tell her that she shouldn’t take her.

Bubbly meets with Monty and says you are acting sweet these days. Monty says its good if the family stays together.. I know Pari loves Sanju a lot. Bubbly says I know they are perfect together. Neeti hears that and leaves.

Neeti comes to Bebe and says if people keep saying two people love each other then they actually fall in love. Call the hitman as I want Pari’s baby dead.

The episode ends.

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