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Scene 1
Rakesh asks Shera to catch Chandrika. He tries to grab Pari’s phone. He breaks it. Pari cries. Mr. Singh says to Neeti you are mixing two cases. Doesn’t allow Sanju to murder him. He says Rakesh might have a bad character and he might was forcing pari but there’s a separate law for it. Pami says wow, so if you daughter is forced and dragged out of house, it’s fine? Rakesh’s mom says Pari said yes for the wedding herself. She came to the mandap herself. Alavat says Rakesh had a very good character. He loved pari, He’s done so much for other women. Mr. singh says sanju shoves Rakesh Neeti. We all saw it. Neeti says okay this case isn’t about pari being forced but this isn’t the case of murder either. This is the case of self defence. He died, Sanju was trying to save Pari. How is that Sanju’s fault. He says judge sir she’s saying herself that Sanju shoved Rakesh. Neeti says I didn’t say that. don’t paint it wrong. Sanju asks her to calm down. Neeti says he didn’t do it on purpoose. Mr. Singh says self defense is saving yourself not another person. Sanju was saving Pari not himself. He killed her. Sanju murdered Rakesh. Pari cries.

Pari runs out of the house. SHe begs for help. Rakesh comes after her. Pari runs in the streets. THe judge asks everyone to calm down. Pami panic. Tao ji says don’t worry. Sanju is innocent. God is with us. Pami says I am very scared for sanju. Sanju’s lawyer calls Alavat in the witness box. He says did your son want to kill Sanju?

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