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Scene 1
Neeti thinks about what Chandrika said to Pari that she loves Sanju. Rakesh says in anger you didn’t do good by saving Sanju. Shera calms her down. Neeti cries and says Pari you didn’t do anything to me. Chandrika hugs pari. She says I feel so heavy in heart. Sanju hugs his photo with Neeti. He says sorry Neeti. Please forgive me. I shouldn’t have said all that too Pari and have feelings for her. Neeti cries in the terrace. She says Sanju I loved you more than my life and you did this to me. You forgot all the promises. Rakesh says I will never let Sanju and Pari unite. He breaks things in anger, Neeti cries on terrace.

Scene 2
Pami says Pari made breakfast for everyone. Neeti comes with juice and says we will all drink this healthy juice in the morning. Leave this tea. It gives acidity. She gives everyone juice. Pari is shocked. Neeti says tea isn’t good for health Pari why are you after my family’s health. Pari says I am not doing that. It was habitual. If you’re not okay I won’t make it. We will all drink juice from now on. If Neeti made it we will have to drink. Neeti says why are you making me sound like a hitler. I am thinking about their health. You and Chandrika make tea for them every day and it’s not good for their health. Tao ji says it’s fine. We will drink juice. Pammi asks Pari if her condition is okay. Salojna says Neeti was sick. She had fever all night. Pami says what? Are you okay? please go rest. Neeti says I am fine. Salojna says I gave her medicine. Bell rings.

Sanju’s boss comes in. Mehra says I was passing by so I thought to have pari’s tea. Neeti says everyone is used to Pari and her things. I’ve to get rid of these habits, she serves him tea. Mehra says our family also keeps discussing to get rid of tea. He says we got a big project. The inauguration is at 2 today. You all have to come. I didn’t invite earlier because of the case. Sanju looks at pari and smiles. Pari leaves. Sanju goes after her. Pari cries. Sanju looks at her. Neeti peeks in. Sanju says Pari. Everyone thanked you but not me. thank yu for saving me. I would have been in jail if it wasn’t for you. Thank you so much. Pari says I also wanted to say something whatever happened yesterday dont’ get any wrong meaning.. Sanju says it’s okay. Neeti wonders what happened between them. Pari says I didn’t know. Sanju says what happened yesterday was normal. There’s nothing wrong. Pari says but.. He says it was just reaction. Don’t think about it. Neeti wonders what did they do. She cries. Sanju says to Pari if it was anyone and I was talking about death they’d still do the same. Salojna says I have to fuel this fire.

Salojna comes to Neeti. She’s not in her room. Neeti cries behind the sofa. Salojna asks what happened. She says Pari and Sanju.. They did something. I don’t know what to do. I can’t see them like this. I hate Pari. Salojna asks her to calm down. She says you can’t give up. Neeti says I wont’ give up. i wont’ let Pari win. She’s to go out of this house. Neeti calls a goon and says meet me tomorrow. She says you have to kill someone. Pari says we wear white on death right? Chandrika comes and says let’s go. Neti says you go I am coming.

Episode ends

Precap-The goon makes the left fall on Pari. Sanju saves her and it falls on him. Pari screams. she says whoever has harmed my husband i wil expose that person. Neeti is shocked.

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