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Scene 1
Sanju shows his project to everyone. Pari says wow, it’s huge. Proud of you. Sanju says no one ever said they’re proud of you. Tao ji says we are all very proud of you. Neeti doesn’t like it. Mr. Mehra comes, he says Sanju is our best employee. Sanju says my family doesn’t valye me the same. Pari said two words, no one else. Pami says we all did. But you only think about Pari. Salojna says yes he keeps taking Pari’s name. Neeti says yeah he doesn’t do Neeti Neeti. Only knows pari’s name. Amit says fight at home. Mehra says pandit is on the way. He asks his manager to show them around. Salojna and Neeti discuss their the plan. The goon comes there. Salojna and Neeti come to meet him behind the tank. Neeti says I will pay you, can it be done here? He says yes. Where is that girl? Neeti says thee in pink dress. Neeti and Salojna leave. The goon says the crane will fall on her, it will look like an accident. Neeti says i will send her near it. Neeti says no one can save Pari.

Pari thinks about what Salojna said that Neeti is Sanju’s wife. Not you. She gets emotional. Sanju comes there. Pari steps back. Sanju says I know what are you thinking. You’re taking stress for no reason. Pari says I am giving stress. He says no. You did nothing wrong. Pari says I should fix all this and stop all this. Sanju says what’s happening? Pari says don’t you know? He says I care for you more than before. Pari says you’ve done so much, we are already at a place where we don’t know what is right or wrong. I wish you didn’t marry. I wish we had no relationship. Sanju says I know what I did was wrong. I don’t even want to do this. Pari says my care? sanju says no one can stop me from taking care of you. Pari slips. Sanju holds her. Pari hugs him and cries. Sanju says are you okay? go in, everyone is waiting for you. Sanju stops her and says can I ask you something? Pari says you don’t need permisson. Sanju says why are you running from me? She says that’s right. Sanju says what’s wrong? Pari says can’t you see how bad Neeti feels? She doesn’t like it. We don’t have to talk. Sanju says you know how much I love Neeti but that doesn’t mean I can’t talk to you. Or I can’t appreciate yyou. She says you don’t have to appreciate me on everything. I know Neeti more than you. She has a pure heart. She can do anything for people she loves. When she gets hurt she never expresses. Sanju says there’s nothing between us Don’t overreact. She says Neeti doesn’t like us talking. We shouldn’t talk then. That’s better for us. Sanju says will you be able to live without talking to me? Mehra asks Sanju to go to the airport and recieve their client.

Scene 2
The manager shows Sanju’s family arround and arranges the refreshments. He says this is Chandigarh’s tallest building. It had all the facilities. Chandrika says we can also get a flat. Pami says we can think about it. Chandrika collides with the goon. She feels weird about him. The goon talks to the crane operator. He says don’t you know me? I am the new contractor here? He takes him aside. The goon wears Pramood’s dress. Sanju asks him Pramood.. The goon says he wont’ come today so I will work instead of him. His wife isn’t well. Sanju says when did he get married? He says he got married, he didn’t tell anyone. I will operate the crane.

Mr. Mehra says to Pari you can share your problem with me or my wife. Let me know if there’s any issue. Pari thanks him. Neeti is worried. She says I am stressed. Salojna says is your heart meltiing for her again? You always step back. she’s trapping your husband. Neeti says I feel nervous. I’ve never done this before.

Epsiode ends

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