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Scene 1
Neeti says I can’t tolerate Pari anymore. Salojna says you always back out. Neeti says don’t you trust me? Pari was my friend. I could give my life for her. That’s why I am nervous. I wish you had a friend like Pari. Pari has to die now. She leaves. Sanju asks where is Neeti? Chandrika says we thought she was with you. Sanju says no might be with bebe. Pari comes there. Sanju looks at her. Sanju says I need to leave for something important. He says our partners are coming, I have to go there. Sanju drops a glass. Pari says that’s not a good omen. The manager says it’s fine. pami says don’t go for now. Sanju says I feel weird too but we’ve to go for work. Sanju leaves. Pari asks him not to. Mehra says Sanju you are getting late. He leaves.

Sanju comes out, he sees Neeti. He says where were you? He says I’ve to go to airport to pick our clients. Neeti asks are you okay? He says I feel weird. like something bad is gonna happen. Neeti says relax nothing would happen to me. He says you’re my strong wife. Keep an eye on Pari. I am worried for her. He leaves. Salojna says he’s always worried for her. Sanju sits in the car. Ananya Pandey and Ayushman sit in his car. They tak about love. Sanju recalls his moments with Pari. Ayushman says do you think about her all the time? See her when you close your eyes? Sanju thinks about Pari. Sanju drops them.

Scene 2
Salojan comes in. Pami says come and see the project. She says Pari Neeti is calling you outside. Neeti goes out. Sanju thinks about Pari. he says why do I feel weird? Should I call Pari? Chandrika looks for Pari because she forgot he phone. Sanju calls Pari. Chandrika picks. She says I have Pari’s phone, she went out. Neeti looks at the goon, he says where is she? Pari comes out. Pari looks for Neeti. Salojna is there. Neeti says Sanju will only be mine. The goon brings the crane near Pari. Salojna distracts Pari with questions. She says does your family not even talk to yyou? Pari says Neeti is my family. this family is also mine. The crane comes near Pari. Salojna asks Pari to wait for Neeti. The lever blocks, the goon tries to make it work. Pari looks for Neeti. Sanju says why do I feel so bad. Is something bad gonna happen to Pari? He hits his car in a pole. Sanju calls Pari. Salojna comes to Pari. She says Neeti is there. She takes her under the crane. Salojna says Neeti doesn’t like when I talk to you. Salojna leaves. Pari waits for Neeti. The goon drops the crane.

Episode ends

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