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Scene 1
Pari says suddenly why do I feel so weird. Neeti says you were my friend, why did you do this to me. Pari sees Neeti. She goes after her. The goon asks Salojna what are you doing? Pari isn’t standing anywhere. He says I will go. Salojna says do your work. Chandrika says wow this project is so good. I will stay here. The goon says i do my work. Chandrika sees Bebe. She says what are yyou doing here? Salojna says I don’t need ot tell you. Chandrika leaves. She sees Salojna talking to the goon. Pari asks Neeti what happened? Neeti is with her. Salojna says let me take Neet from there. Pari says bebe said you wanted to talk to me. What is it? Neeti says nothing. Pari says are you mad at me? Neeti recalls everything. She leaves. Pari says what happened. Tell me why are you so mad. Neeti says we will alk when we re home. Salojna says to Pari stay here, let me bring Neeti back. Neeti pretends that she’s busy on the phone. chandrika gives Pari’s phone to her and says Sanju was calling. Pari says let me talk. Salojna says to chandrika you are ruining Neeti’s life and marriage by trying to unite Pari and Sanju. I hope your husbadn also goes to someone else. Pami says stop it please. You always think negatively for this family. Salojna leaves. Pami says to Chandrika don’t bother about her.

Salojna brings Pari back to the ground. She gives thumbs uup to the goon. Pari’s phone falls. Neeti looks at her. The crane come near Pari. It’s about to fall on pari. sanju comes there. Everyone says Pari move from there. The crane falls. Sanju rushes to save Pari.It falls on him. Neeti screams. Everyone rushes there. they move the crane. Sanju is stuck under it. He faints, he’s badly injured. Mehra tries to stop the goon but he runs. Neeti scarems. She starts the car and says we need to go to hospital. The car doesn’t start. Mehra says take my car. Sanju says Pari are you okay? sanju faints. Neeti says Sanju please open your eyes. He faints on Pari. Monty comes there. Amit syas the car isn’t start. Everyone panics. The car starts. Mehra says to Monty I don’t know this guy. He was driving the crane. Monty goes after him.

Scene 2
Sanju is rushed to the hospital. Neeti says please admit him. She says call the police first. Pami says so you will let him die. Neeti says can’t you see his condition? The nurse says we can’t admit him, we have rules. Neeti screams. Pari says we won’t let anything happen to him. Pari gives their IDs and says we’re not criminals. Look at his condition. Please save his life, I beg you. We can lose him if he’s not treated. Look at his mother. Can’t you see his condition. I beg you please get his treatment started. The nurse asks Pari to sign the documents. Pari signs the form. Pami says to the doctor please save Sanju. Chandrika says how can that man drop the slab like that. Amit says he ran away, I saw his face. Tao ji says once Sanju gets stable I will get it reported. We have to catch that man.

Episode ends

Precap-Gurinder slaps Pari and says whenever my son got in trouble she was the reason. Neeti says it’s all your fault Pari. The goon and nurse come to hospital and plan to kill Pari.

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