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Scene 1
Tao ji says once Sanju is better we will get that man arrested. Pari asks is the treatment started? Pami says, thank you got him admitted. Thank you. She says Gurinder shouldn’t know anything. Her condition isn’t well. She will get more sick. Neeti cries. Amit says you’re right. Gurinder is worried at home. She says no one is picking my call. Mehra calls Gurinder. She says no one was picking my phone so I called you. He says sorry please forgive me. I should have checked my staff. Because of me Sanju’s life is in danger. I am coming to the hospital. Gurinder is shocked. She rushes to the hospital. Neeti cries looking at Sanju. Mehra comes there. He says where is Gurinder? I want to apologize to her. I spoke to herr on call. Pami says did you tell her? He says yes. I called herr to apologize. Neeti says it all happened because of me. she cries and says I am responsible for all this. Everyone is shocked. Neeti cries. Gurinder comes there. Monty tries to stop her. Pami says it’s not your fault. It was an accident. Neeti cries and says I did all this. Ask Bebe, she knows everything. she says bebe tell them the truth. Salojna sayas she’s lost her mind. She loves Sanju a lot. Neeti says don’t lie, tell them I am responsible for everything. She cries and says yyou are not responsible for all this. Pari is responsible for this. She’s done this. Neeti says don’t accuse her. Salojna says I won’t let you take her blame this time. She says to pari first he got into Rakesh’s problem because of you and now you were standing under the crane and Sanju was injured trying to save you.

Gurinder comes and slaps Pari. She says you ate my son. Pami says Gurinder.. She says don’t stop me today. Chandrika says but she didn’t do anything. Gurinder says can’t I see? She always gets my son in trouble. You are a curse. Neeti says no please mummy ji. Gurinder says Sanju’s life is in danger. She’s a curse on my son. Go from here. Pari leaves. The nurse asks them to not make noise. Pari goes to temple to pray for Sanju. She recalls what Gurinder said. Pari says why is it happening because of me. Gurinder wasn’t wrong. Neeti comes there. Pari cries. Pari says I don’t know what sin I’ve done that this happens to Sanju because of me. He was protecting me from Rakesh and got into trouble. Neeti cries. Pari says today also he’s in trouble because of me. Neeti cries and says it’s all my fault. Pari says what are you saying. Neeti says I am responsible for this. I should die. Pari says don’t say that. Neeti says I am really bad. Pari hugs her and says it’s all my fault. Don’t blame yourself. Neeti says yes it’s all your fault. It happened because of you. Neeti leaves.

Scene 2
Pami says it was just an accident. Don’t blame Pari, have some shame. Gurinder says Sanju is fighting for his life. Your kids are all okay. he’s my son, what would I do without him. You’re taking Pari’s side blindly. What would you do it it was Monty? Tao ji says what are you saying. Gurinder says I am not wrong. Gurinder says that Pari is a curse. Chandrika says stop it please. Gurinderr says shut up. Are you all blind, can’t you see Pari only brings us troubles. She’s without husband. She has nothing. She’s pregnant without husband. Pami shouts, she’s about to slap Gurinder. Pami says enough. Pari isn’t a curse. She’s paying for your sins. You should have some shame. The child is Neeti’s. You should be grateful to her. Your son respects and cares for her because only she could give this family a child. She’s a devi. She’s so selfless. Never say such things. Salojna gets a call.

Neeti comes to Salojna crying. She says I did this to Sanju. She cries and says I know I am responsible for all this. Salojna says start using your mind. the goon comes there. Pari looks for Neeti. Neeti says I hired Shamu to kill Pari. But sanju got injured. Salojna says stop crying. Use your brain. Why did Sanju come back? Pari must have called him. Chandrika returned her phone, Sanju was calling her. Pari did all this. She filled the form on your behalf as his wife. She wants to tell the world she’s Sanju’s wife noot you.

Epsiode ends

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