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Scene 1
Pari looks for Neeti. She sees Sanju in the hospital and cries. Pari says Rajiv why do you always come to save me? Why do you do all this for me? What is our relationship? She cries. Neeti comes there. She holds Pari’s hand. Neeti drags Pari out of the hospital and says get out of her. Pari says what are you saying? Neeti says go from here. Pari says what happened? Neeti shoves her and says I said get lost. You werer right, you’re responsible for all this. You are the biggest trouble in my life. He’s in this condition because of you. Go from here, go from my life. You wanna take my Sanju away from me right? Pari says no Neeti. Neeti says don’t lie. Pari says I am not lying. I can’t even think about it. Neeti says why did you sign the form as his wife? Pari says because.. Neeti says because you wanna be known as his wife. She shoves her. Pari falls, Pami and Chandrika hold her.

Pammi slaps Neeti and says come back to your senses. What were you doing. Have you gone crazy? Neeti cries and says you know very well Pari is responsible for all this. Sanju is in this condition because of her. Pami says Sanju isn’t in this condition because of her. If anything happens to her, you’d be responsible. Do you know she’s pregnant. Neeti says I am sick of hearing it. It’s not a favor on me. I neve asked her to be my surrogate? no right? She decided herrself. Sanju came to save her and this happened. Pami says it was an accident. Neeti sas she was there. Pami says be silent. Gurinder comes and says why should Neeti be silent? She’s right. You get everyone to shut up who dares to speak the truth. Why? Chandrika says why are you overreacting over such a small thing? Slab was gonna fall on Pari. Sanju saved her and he met the accident. No one knew. It was destiney. Neeti says if the same happened to Amit while trying to save Pari? Would you still say the same? Chandrika says yes. I’d still say the same. But the question is whether it was an accident. Sanju wasn’t on the site. How did he get there? She says God must have given him a sign. Don’t get it wrong. No one came to save her. But his heart brought him there. Neeti says what do yo wanna say? Chandrika says that sanju and Pari have a connection that keeps them tied. Neeti is shocked. Pari asks her to be quiet.

Scene 2
Gurinder says to Pari are you happy now? Neeti faints. Pari holds her. She says are you okay Neeti? They take her to a doctor. Neeti opens her eyes and cries. Gurinder asks Pami where is your Pari? The doctor checks Neeti. He says she has too much stress. Please stop giving her stress. He says you should go home and rest. Neeti says I wont’ leave sanju. He says don’t increase problem for your family. Please go home and take some stress. Pari says Neeti.. Neeti looks away. Pami says she’s not okay. Let her be.

Neeti comes out. Chandrka asks how are you now Neeti? Neeti says how do you wanna see me? Chandrika says I don’t get it. Neeti sys but get everything. Please don’t do this drama in front of me. Chandrika says Monty will stay here in the car. Pari and I will stay here. Pami says yeah Pari can handle any situation here.

Scene 3
Pami asks Gurinder and Neeti to rest. Neeti sees the goon at home. She’s shoced. Salojna comes there. They’s shocked. They ask him to leave before amit and Pami come in. He says I wont’ go like that. Pari looks at sanju and cries. Pari says Rajiv and i do have a connection but I don’t want all this. Its wrong. Chandria says it’s all in God’s hands. He will be fine. Monty says Rajiv is trying to make up for mistake. You and Rajiv were meant to be together, God is fixing it. Pari says don’t even think that. It’s too late. Neeti and Rajiv love each other. Our marriage was wrong. Sister says Sanju’s condition is very serious.

Shamu says why were yyou not picking my call? Salojna says we were in hospital. Pami comes. He hides. Neeti takes Shamu to her room. She slaps him. He takes out his daggerr. Neeti takes it and says I will kill you.

Episode end

Precap-Gurinder says to Salojna you are right. Pari should go back to her home. Gurinder says to Neeti if Pari gets killed no one will doubt it. Neeti says I should go to hospital. Shamu and the nurse plan to kill Pari.

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