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Scene 1
Neeti points a knife at the hitman and shouts my Sanju is in this condition because of you, what order did I give you and what did you do? Bebe is shocked seeing all that. The hitman says I was attacking that girl but your husband gave inbetween, Neeti says I will get you arrested. He says then I will frame you both. Bebe asks him to calm down and says she is just shocked, he asks for his money. Bebe says but you didn’t do our work, we will pay you once you do our work. Neeti recalls how Pari was concerned and asks him to do their work. Bebe says Pari is in the hospital, go there and kill her. He says my girlfriend works in the hospital so I will take her help and kill Pari, he leaves.

Pari is looking at Sanju in his wardroom and cries. Monty and Chandrika ask her to sit down. Pari says I can’t wait anymore. She rushes to his room and cries seeing his state. She sits with him and holds his hand. Chandrika and Monty leave them alone. Pari cries and asks Rajiv to wake up, I am asking you for the last thing, please wake up. She cries while holding his hand. Rajiv wakes up and says Pari? she is surprised to see him awake and runs to call the doctor but he holds her hand and says don’t cry, stay with me. Pari says I am here. Rajiv asks if she is okay? Pari says why did you save me? Rajiv says everything happened so fast, I was feeling restless and thank God I saved you in time. He asks for water, she says I will bring it and goes from there. Rajiv calls out to her and faints again.

Scene 2
Gurvindar recalls blaming Pari for Sanju’s accident, Bebe comes there and consoles her. Gurvindar says I am okay. Bebe says you know we don’t call Pari our daughter in law and if she has no place here then why shouldn’t we send her back to her family? Gurvindar says you are right, she is a bad omen for us, Neeti is our daughter in law so Pari has to leave.

Neeti recalls everything that happened. Bebe comes there and says Gurvindar is on our side, she will throw her out of the house. Neeti says Pari isn’t going to come back. Bebe says we had to bring some people on our side. you should take rest. Neeti says I am waiting for the news. Bebe says I will set your bed like you are sleeping and you can leave from the window. Neeti goes from there through the window.

The hitman comes to the hospital and meets with his girlfriend who is a nurse. She gives him a medical tool and says we will kill Pari using this. They see Pari going to Rajiv’s room. The hitman says we have to kill her. The nurse says why? he says just kill her as its my job. She goes behind Pari with the tool and is about to attack her but Chandrika comes there and goes with her. The nurse follows them. She tells the hitman that why should I help you? he says I will not marry you if you don’t kill her. Neeti and Bebe come there, the nurse says I will do your job but you need to increase the payment.

The doctor is checking Rajiv and says he isn’t awake. Pari says he woke up, the doctor says he is still in danger. They ask Pari to leave the room and starts treating him.

The nurse tells Neeti that I need 50K more, the hitman says we want 2 lacs more, the nurse says no I just need 50K more. Neeti agrees and asks for her plan. The nurse says I will give Pari and injection and she will die of a heart attack so no one will find out.

The episode ends.

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