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Scene 1
The nurse tells Neeti that she will give an injection to Pari and she will have an heart attack so no one will doubt us, another way is to suffocate her with poisonous gas but that will make people doubt us. Neeti says then go for the first plan. The nurse says we will turn off the electricity in the hospital and I will give an injection to Pari. They go from there.

Pari is worried for Rajiv and Pami but she is not picking up, Chandrika and Monty are with her. Pari sends a voicenote to Pami that Rajiv is not well. Monty goes to call his friends.

Pami is in the house and praying in mandir, she asks Nata Rani why is this happening with Pari and Sanju? I don’t understand what’s going on but please protect them. Gurvindar comes there and says Pari is a bad omen, wrong things keep happening since she came here. Sanju saved her for no reason. Pami says he did his job as a husband and a father, she leaves. Gurvindar says once Pari comes back home then I will throw her out.

The doctos are shifting Sanju to ICU but Pari rushes to him and holds his hand while he is unconscious. They wheel him inside while Pari cries. Chandrika consoles her and says you have to be strong. Go and pray to Lord. Pari nods and goes from there.

Neeti comes to Sanju’s room and doesn’t find him there. Neeti says where is he? Bebe says maybe he got discharged and they didn’t even inform you.. I am sure Pari must have taken him alone to have a date with him. I am sure they took him from here, you know Pari can stoop to any low. Lets focus on the plan.

Pari comes to the mandir and tells Mata Rani that she can’t give death to Sanju, he saved her so please protect him. She protects diya and puts her hand on top it, she says you have to give life to him otherwise i won’t move from here. Chandrika tries to stop her but Pari says no.. I should have been in his place, Mata Rani has to save Rajiv, she has to give me a hint that she will save him. She cries for him and suddenly the flower falls from the idol. Pari is surprised seeing that. Chandrika says its her hint that Rajiv will be okay. Pari thanks her and cries. She says I just want Rajiv to be okay and get all his pain. Monty comes there and says that man wanted to kill you.

Neeti comes to the reception and shouts for Sanju. The receptionist says let me check, she checks her register, the nurse Shilpa with Neeti checks it and they tell Neeti that Sanju is in critical condition and taken to ICU. Neeti is shocked.

Monty tells Pari that I am sure that crane-man wanted to kill you, he ranaway from there and nobody knew about him. He was hired to kill you. Monty says the real craneman was Pramod but someone tied him up and tookover the crane, he was hired to kill you. Pari is shocked and says we will find that person later on, no one should know about this. Lets contact Pami about Sanju’s condition first, she leaves. Chandrika asks Monty who would want to kill her? He says I don’t know.

Neeti is rushing to Sanju’s room but Bebe stops her and says we have to focus on the plan. The nurse says you have to stay back to help us with the plan.

The episode ends.

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