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Scene 1
The nurse tells Neeti to stay with them as they need to kill Pari, Bebe says if Pari and Chandrika see you then they will doubt you, just stay with us.They all go to find Pari.

Pari is in the hospital and thinks someone tried to kill Rajiv and it can be one person only, Rakesh. Chandrika and Monty come there. Pari says I am sure Rakesh must have tried to kill Rajiv.. he plotted all this, why would anyone try to kill me, he wouldn’t try to hurt me, I am sure he plotted all this to kill Rajiv. I feel like Rajiv must have heard something from Rakesh, he wanted to tell me something. Monty says it means someone wants to kill Rajiv.

Pami comes outside Neeti’s room and knocks but sees her sleeping from the window. Amit comes there and says she must have slept. Pami says she must be tired and worried about Sanju.. she has been behaving weirdly, I will talk to her in the morning, she leaves. The bed is covered with pilows and not Neeti.

The doctors are treating Rajiv and are worried. Pari sees that and asks the nurse what’s going on? she says we can’t control his heartbeat. Pari runs in the ICU and cries for Rajiv, she asks him to wake up, they start dragging him away but Rajiv wakes up so she holds his hand. The doctor says you can stay here.

The nurse and others come to the electricity room, she says the lights will go off in 3 minutes then we will attack Pari. Neeti and Bebe go from there.

Rajiv consoles Pari and says I am totally okay. Pari says you have to get fine, I did as you said always but if you don’t become fine then I won’t spare you. Rajiv laughs and says you are making me smile. Pari asks why did he come to her? Rajiv says I felt you were in trouble so I went to check, I didn’t get any call. Pari says really? Rajiv says no.. the marriage is a strong bond but if you don’t have love then it doesn’t work. Pari pulls her hand back. Rajiv says I felt you were in trouble and its my duty to protect you. He wipes her tears and smiles. The doctor comes there and says he is out of danger but he needs to rest so you should leave. Rajiv asks Pari to stay there with him, the doctor says fine and leaves. Pari sits with him and sighs in relief, Rajiv goes to sleep. Pari carrasses his face and leaves from there. Pari tells Monty and Chandrika that he is okay now. The doctor says we gave him an injection so he can rest.

The hitman turns off the lights of the hospital. Neeti, Bebe and the nurse are looking for Pari. The hitman comes there wearing a doctor’s gown. they start searching for her. Pari bumps into Neeti and says what are you doing here? you should rest. Bebe says she came here to apologize to you, we found a doctor so we brought him with us. The hitman glares at Pari and goes behind her. He is about to hit her with the injection but the lights come back on and he moves away. Monty and Chandrika come there. Neeti apologizes to Pari. Pari hugs her and says Sanju is okay now. She asks her to go and meet him, Neeti goes.

Neeti comes to Sanju’s room and sees him sleeping. The doctor says he is okay, Pari helped us a lot, he goes from there. Neeti cries and says I am with you Sanju.

Precap: Pari says to Neeti, you were my safe place and now you want to kill me. Neeti says to Pari because you tried to steal my husband. Pari says to Neeti, enough you have shown what a friend can do and now I will show what my friendship can.

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