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Scene 1
Pami tells Chandrika that Gurvindar and Bebe are provoking Neeti for no reason.

Gurvindar comes to Neeti and hugs her, she says injustice happened with you. Pami is letting Pari come closer to Sanju but I am with you. Neeti says I will take care of Pari today, she has to face my anger now, she leaves from there.

Pari is locked in the room and wakes up, she cries for help and bangs on the door but no one listen. She goes to the vent and screams for help.

Neeti comes to the nurse and the hitman, she asks if they did the work? The nurse says yes, we have locked her in the room. They see the police coming there and run from there. Pami tells the inspector that Pari is missing. The inspector goes to check the CCTV footage.

Neeti takes the nurse and the hitman to hide them in a room. Pami comes there with the inspector and asks who is this man? Neeti says he is a doctor. The inspector says lets go and check the CCTV footage, Pami asks the hitman to come and check Sanju’s report. Neeti is scared, she whispers to the hitman to run away as soon as he find teh chance. The inspector goes with the staff to find the CCTV footage, the hitman runs from there.

Pari is crying in the room and says please don’t do this with me. She goes the washroom and finds a window there, she tries opening it up but can’t. She hits it with a soap containter and it breaks. She jumps up and opens the window completely, she looks outside and finds the road below. She says I have to get out to save Rajiv. She jumps out of there.

The staff brings the inspector to the CCTV room. Pami and others come there too. They start looking at the footages. The CCTV footage shows the hitman in normal clothes. He says he doesn’t look like a doctor. Neeti and Bebe are scared. The hitman messages Neeti that they have to run away.

Pari jumps from the window and comes out.

Neeti meets with the hitman and they go to the xray room. She tries unlocking the door. Pari comes there and sees Neeti talking with the nurse, she is shocked. Neeti leaves with the hitman and the nurse. Pari can’t believe that. She recalls everything that happened.

Neeti comes out the hospital with the nurse and the hitman. She says I will send you remaining money after the work, they leave. Pari comes there and hides. Neeti burns the hitman’s lab coat and says I will not spare Pari. She turns to see Pari standing there. Pari says why did you do this? Neeti looks on.

The episode ends.

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