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Scene 1
Sanju glares at Neeti, she says its good that you heard everything as you know things already. Sanju smiles at her and says I just heard that we would get to know something big so tell me. Neeti says its between me and Pari. Bebe says its nothing important, Neeti says yes there are many things between you, me and her.. what you and she did. He says what do you mean? Neeti recalls their moments together and says you can ask Pari when she wakes up, then you can answer me, she leaves. Sanju asks Bebe what’s wrong with Pari? Bebe says she fainted so I have to go, she leaves too.

Neeti recalls Pari’s words that she trusted her more than her life, how she always saved her and she was confident that Neeti would always protect her.. how could she try to kill her Pari? Neeti falls down and recalls her friendship with Pari. Bebe comes there and consoles her, Neeti says I promised Pari that I will choose a life partner for her but I didn’t know she would choose my life partner for herself. Bebe says nobody can snatch your husband from you if you remain smart.. I feel like sometimes you act like a stupid person.. like you love your Sautan more than your husband, like she has more important than Sanju. Neeti says Sanju is the most important to me.. I told everything to Pari but I still feel heavy, everyone is still worrying about Pari, Bebe says you don’t understand things when you are angry. Sanju will ask Pari when she wakes up so lets just construct our story before Pari can say anything. Neeti says no, I don’t want to make up any stories anymore, she leaves from there.

Neeti is walking in the hallway and sees Pari lying in the bed, she recalls their friendship and says enough of friendship, I still protected you after finding out your affair with Sanju but enough.. I fulfilled my role as a friend but now I will fulfill this relationship of hatred, I will not spare anything when it comes to being your enemy. Sanju comes there and asks what are you hiding? Neeti says you should know that and leaves from there. Bebe is worried and thinks Neeti can’t expose us like this.

Sanju is looking around for Neeti and says I don’t know what is wrong with her. Gurvindar comes there and asks if he is okay? he says yes, she says I am happy to see you awake, he asks where is Neeti? She says she is worried for you, go and look for her, he nods and leaves. Sanju finds Neeti sitting alone and asks what happened? what’s bothering you? Neeti thinks he can never understand my pain as he has started loving someone else. Neeti says I told you Pari will tell you everything. Sanju says what do you mean? Neeti says you don’t listen to anyone else but Pari, you both call each other friends but.. when you were unconscious, I kept trying to wake you up but you didn’t listen. You woke up listening to Pari but not your own wife? I don’t want to say anything. Go and talk to Pari so maybe she will wake up. Sanju asks her to relax and says I love you.. I only love you. I don’t know who I listened to when I was unconscious but I just know that I love you the most. He hugs her and faints. Neeti calls for a doctor and they take him to the bed. He wakes up, the doctor asks him to not worry his family. Sanju asks Neeti to not be angry with him, the doctor asks him to relax. He leaves. Neeti tells Sanju that what he says and does are two different things. We will talk when we go home, she leaves.

The nurse tells Pami that Pari is out of danger, she will wake up soon, she leaves. Pami says thank God the storm has passed. Bebe comes there and says the storm is coming for sure. Pami says what you mean? Bebe says everything is happening in front of you but you act like you are blind. Pami says then open my eyes.

Neeti sits alone in the hospital and recalls everything that happened. Sanju’s love for her but his care for Pari. She starts running and bumps into Chandrika. She asks why are you crying? Neeti says you wanted Pari to stay in the house but now you all will see what happens with your Pari, she leaves from there.

The episode ends.

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