Pooja Dhingra joins Culinary Maestros Vikas Khanna and Ranveer Brar as the Judge in the upcoming season of ‘MasterChef India’

Chef Pooja Dhingra is all set to join the esteemed panel of judges, alongside Chef Vikas Khanna and Chef Ranveer Brar, for the upcoming season of the renowned cooking reality show ‘MasterChef India.’ Having previously graced the show as a guest judge, Pooja Dhingra’s appointment as a permanent judge marks a significant addition to the show’s culinary expertise.

Expressing her enthusiasm about this new role in a recent interview, Chef Pooja shared her perspective on the art of cooking as a constantly evolving journey. She likened each dish to a canvas and every flavor to a brushstroke, intertwining to narrate a distinct culinary tale.

Pooja Dhingra’s anticipation for her role as a judge is palpable as she steps into this influential role alongside established culinary luminaries like Chef Vikas Khanna and Chef Ranveer Brar. Her transition from an admirer and guest judge to a permanent judge is described as a significant and momentous step.

In her words, “I’m humbled and grateful to be surrounded by such remarkable mentors like Chef Vikas and Chef Ranveer, and together we aim to inspire innovation and discover the next generation of culinary maestros. I can’t wait to witness sparks of creativity ignite in the MasterChef kitchen as we embark on this delectable adventure.”

With Chef Pooja Dhingra, Chef Vikas Khanna, and Chef Ranveer Brar as guides, the stage is set for 16 dedicated contestants to embark on a journey of culinary excellence, innovation, and skill-building. The trio’s collective expertise promises to elevate the show’s stature as it continues to celebrate the art of cooking and nurture emerging talents in the culinary realm.

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