Pregnant host Rochelle Rao shines at Awards Show while balancing 5-month baby bump

Rochelle Rao, renowned for her presence on The Kapil Sharma Show, and currently expecting her first child with spouse Keith Sequeira, gracefully graced an awards ceremony recently. The event demanded not only glamour and finesse in appearance but also the endurance to stand as the host for an extended three-hour duration – a challenge Rochelle conquered with elegance.

Displaying a baby bump at five months pregnant, Rochelle radiated beauty as she gracefully hosted the function. Sharing her experience on Instagram, she divulged the taxing yet rewarding feat of hosting the lengthy event during this phase of her pregnancy. Rochelle highlighted the dual challenge of appearing the part while fulfilling her responsibilities, expressing pride in her accomplishment, and expressing gratitude towards her stylist for her impeccable presentation.

In her Instagram post, she praised her stylist, acknowledging her role in allowing Rochelle to appear stunning even while concealing her pregnancy to a certain extent. Captioning the video, Rochelle wrote, “This was the moment I was really proud of myself for, Hosted a 3 hour award show 5 months pregnant! Loved how I looked thanks to @sharaddhamnaskar, but also was sooo exhausted after the show, this was one of those times the reality of pregnancy hit me! Still me but changing into someone new…#gettingreadyforbaby.”

Despite the effort to maintain her outward appearance, Rochelle conveyed her excitement about embracing motherhood. She evoked admiration from fans, who commented on her beauty and shared in her enthusiasm for the upcoming arrival. Fans’ comments ranged from “Looking Gorgeous” to “Mashallah so cute” and observations about her pregnancy glow.

Keith Sequeira, her husband, joined the chorus of admirers by assuring Rochelle of her timeless beauty, regardless of the season. He commented, “You always look stunning.”

Similar to Rochelle, Gauahar Khan and Disha Parmar actively pursued their commitments during pregnancy, becoming inspirations for expectant mothers. The likes of Bharti Singh and Pooja Banerjee also demonstrated remarkable resilience, engaging in various activities during the final trimester of their pregnancies.

Keith and Rochelle joyously announced their pregnancy through a dreamy maternity photoshoot set against the backdrop of the same Chennai beach where they exchanged vows five years prior. Rochelle, as revealed in an interview with Bombay Times, intends to make a swift return to acting after childbirth, foregoing an extended hiatus.


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