Promo of ‘Keh Doon Tumhein’ promises a riveting blend of Thrills and Mysteries

A captivating journey awaits viewers as the new show “Keh Doon Tumhein,” starring Mudit Nayyar and Yukti Kapoor, takes the stage. Promising to infuse an aura of surprise, suspense, and enigma, this upcoming series is set to offer an enthralling amalgamation of thrills and mysteries.

The anticipation surrounding “Keh Doon Tumhein” has been building, fueled by a captivating promo that sets the tone for the upcoming spectacle. The teaser kicks off with Kirti, portrayed by Yukti Kapoor, and her son encountering a car breakdown, leading to a frustration-fueled interaction with a man attempting to repair the vehicle.

Amid the tensions of their predicament, Vikrant, brought to life by Mudit Nayyar, enters the scene, extending his hand to offer assistance. The car repairman suggests Vikrant drop Kirti and her son home. A seemingly ordinary encounter quickly becomes tinged with intrigue as Vikrant inquires about the child’s father and probes into Kirti’s life circumstances.

As the trio embarks on their journey, the plot thickens with twists and turns. Vikrant’s intentions become murkier as the unexpected unfolds. A mysterious incident involving a lady’s hand with bangles sets the stage for a series of unsettling events. Vikrant’s intentions become shrouded in ambiguity as he attempts to conceal his true nature.

Fans and enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating this new addition to the television landscape. The notion of a horror-thriller series making its way onto the small screen has garnered immense excitement. With the show’s premiere drawing nearer, viewers have expressed their enthusiasm for a fresh and gripping storyline.

A fan’s anticipation was palpable as they commented, “Finally, YK’s new show is here… a horror-thriller like ‘Bhramarakshas,’ ‘Qayamat Ki Raat,’ ‘Kaal Bhairav,’ etc… It’s going to be exciting.”

Another viewer shared their eagerness for a unique viewing experience: “A new offering to watch. Looking forward to it on Star Plus.”

Yukti Kapoor, known for her role as SI Karishma Singh in the popular show “Maddam Sir,” brings her talent to this intriguing series, heightening expectations for a riveting performance.

As the premiere of “Keh Doon Tumhein” draws near, fans are ready to immerse themselves in the world of thrills, chills, and mysteries, eager to explore the uncharted territory this show is set to unveil.





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