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The Episode starts with Ahilya and Tukoji leaving from Janta Darbar. They discuss Kesar’s matter. He says we will find out, but we have to go to Chavni first to meet Peshwa darbar. The ladies stop Ahilya and ask her to promise a safe future of their daughters. They complain about Malerao. The lady says Kesar told us the truth. Tukoji says Peshwa darbar official has come here, but how. The ministers greet them. They ask about Malerao’s move. They say the matter has reached Pune Darbar. Ahilya says I don’t know, so much spoiled in one night. Gunu ji says take this money, this shameless incident can happen with anyone’s daughter, everyone is in danger, just spread this news. The couple looks on.

Malerao is shocked seeing Maina in Kesar’s getup. He pushes her and asks what are you going here. She says don’t leave me, think I m Kesar and embrace me. He says no Maina, leave from here. She says I will do whatever you like. She serves him a drink. He throws it away and gets angry. She dances. She falls and cries. He says you are good, I m helpless to my heart, I m wrong.

She says don’t do this, I will do whatever pleases you. She cries. He says I don’t think I can live without Kesar. He gets a sword. He asks her to hold the sword and kill him. She says no. He says then let me live with Kesar. He leaves. She cries. Mukta comes and asks what happened, where is Malerao. Maina says he left, I tried hard to stop him, but he left to Kesar. Mukta cries and says Ahilya will get him to you. Dwarka and Gunu ji laugh. He says Maina got hurt in this game. She says Maina should come in our hand, she will aid us in separating Ahilya and Malerao, we should assure her that she would be safe with us. He says amazing. The guard says Peshwa officials stopped Ahilya on the way and called you there. Malhar says you go, I m coming. Gautama says this situation is tense, I think you let Ahilya come back first and then talk to her. He says no, I have to handle this matter outside the house. He goes and meets Peshwa officials. The man apologizes to send him a letter and call him in a hurry. Malhar says my main aim is to protect humanity, nothing wrong is happening here. The man says maybe it’s a lie, but we have seen the angry people rebelling against you. Ahilya says we will try to end the misunderstanding. The man says you clear this misunderstanding soon, Madhav Rao trusts you a lot, he can rethink on his decision if the people stay in sorrow. They leave.

Malhar sits sad. Harku says don’t know who did this. He says Malerao is wrong, it takes many years to make a good image, but it takes one mistake to spoil it, Malerao made this mistake. Tukoji says no, its shown that Malerao has taken an advantage of the poor girls, but its nothing like that. Malhar says we have to prove it, else history will have Malwa’s name defamed because of Malerao. Ahilya says I promise I will not let anything happen to the image. He says you should promise when you can keep it, get into action. He leaves. Ahilya says just one person has the answer. Tukoji nods. The couple talks to Kesar. Kesar says its not my mistake. The man says everyone thinks Malerao is wrong. Ahilya and Tukoji come there. The couple see them coming. Ahilya and Tukoji hear Kesar talking to them.

Kesar says he said he is a traveller, he didn’t tell me the truth, I got to know about him later, its our personal matter, why are you interfering in this. Ahilya and Tukoji come inside.

Maina says Ahilya is responsible for all this. Kesar gets attacked.

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