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The Episode starts with Malhar scolding Ahilya for not informing him and sending the messenger to Pune. He gets angry. She says I thought Raghoba has come here because of Pune politics, I had sent the messenger for confirming it. He says I like your thinking, but sometimes it complicates things, loyalty is good, but not blind loyalty, we have to support Raghoba. She says I don’t find it right, we have to send someone there and find out once again. Malhar asks Gangoba to explain her. Gangoba says you want to risk more lives. She says its tough to find out the truth right now. He says you mean Pune darbar stamp is fake. She says maybe its right, but killing the messenger, why. He says you don’t want to accept the truth, I want to accept it, I will meet Raghoba in darbar, we will take minister’s votes, if the majority supports Raghoba then I will join hands with him. He leaves. Malerao is with Kesar. She speaks positive and encourages him. She says one chance gone and you will get another chance to prove yourself, keep courage and hope. She smiles.

Gunu ji comes to Raghoba and asks shall I help you. Raghoba says I bet on the horse who agrees to me happily. Gunu ji says horses are my best friends since childhood. Raghoba says you got Khanderao killed, so you were ousted of Malwa, right. Gunu ji offers help. He says you want Peshwa throne, right, but someone is standing between it. Raghoba thinks Gunu ji might have got some way out. He asks how can I make Ahilya on my side. Gunu ji says no need for it, there is already a lot on your side, I heard that Ahilya’s messenger got killed. Raghoba says tell me how to get Ahilya on my side. Gunu ji says make yourself powerful, you have to leave Ahilya and get everyone else on your side, give them some greed. Raghoba laughs and says I will start with you.

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