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The Episode starts with Ahilya scolding Kesar. She says this matter reached Pune darbar, answer me, Kesar. Kesar says I answered them. The man says we also heard it, the news has spread that Malerao cheated Kesar. Ahilya says Malerao didn’t cheat Kesar. She scolds them. She says you will be punished in the darbar. Kesar says you kill me, I have made a mistake to love Malerao, I can never disrespect his feelings, better kill me. Ahilya stops her. Kesar says I will never come back to Malwa and show my face, forgive me. Ahilya says get up, Kesar, your tears show your truth, I m not understanding one thing, why are people saying that you have spread this news. Kesar says no, I can never do this. Ahilya asks who did this, if not you.

At a brothel, Gunu ji plays tabla. A lady dances. Everyone claps for him. Chameli praises Gunu ji. He says you are the owner of the most beautiful place, I m just a servant. He gives her money. She says this money is less. He says keep it, you may not get this later, you may need to shut this place. She asks what are you saying. He says royal palace’s princes are liking village girls these days, you know it, Malerao will become the king, we don’t know what rules he will keep, who will come here, no one. Chameli worries. He says I hope you understood my point. He leaves from there.

Kesar packs her bag. She says I will get some support, Kanha ji is with me. She cries. Ahilya asks do you love Malerao. Kesar nods. Ahilya hugs her and cries. Kesar says I have no expectations, I don’t want anything, I don’t want to create problems for Malerao. Ahilya says I can try to make things fine, until then, don’t meet Malerao, he is stubborn, he has to understand this time, take care. Malerao is on the way. The people stop him and ask him not to go to Kesar’s house. Malerao asks what happened. The lady says Ahilya has come there, I m scared she might punish Kesar. The man says she can do anything to make Kesar out of your life. Malerao gets angry and rushes. The people smile. Ahilya comes back to the palace. Maina asks her what happened. Ahilya says Kesar isn’t a bad girl, she will not hurt your married life, we will try to sort this issue. Maina says I was wrong to think you will support me, you supported your son, not me, you didn’t do this right. She cries and goes. Ahilya cries and prays. Kesar is on the way. Some people attack her. Malerao comes there and saves her. He catches the man and asks whose command was it, who send you here. The man says Ahilya. He runs away. Malerao is shocked. He gets angry. Maina says I didn’t imagine Ahilya will say this to me, Ahilya is responsible for this.

Malerao rings the temple bells and summons everyone. He says I want the culprit to get punished. Malhar asks who. Malerao names Ahilya.

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