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The Episode starts with Maina asking where did you go, I have to pack the clothes, I don’t know which ones to keep. Malerao says I don’t understand, you have a problem with me always, I will leave this Rajya and make any other Rajya for me, I will leave this palace. Ahilya comes and asks him what is he saying. She says Maina was waiting all day, are you drunk. He says yes, I met some old friends, I have grown up now. She says yes, you have grown up now, you have to handle this palace, I came here to discuss a political matter. He says you know and understand it better. She says Raghoba is asking support from Malwa and Malhar because he wants to sit on Peshwa throne, I feel it will be like cheating Peshwa throne, there will be voting done in the darbar, I want you to give vote against Raghoba, we should support the right, only then we will win.

He nods. He says don’t worry, I will give vote against Raghoba. Malhar sees the throne and says I have to stand against family to save them. He prays. He says today in this Malwa darbar, we have to see the most difficult problem, it’s the clash of two opinions, so we will decide according to the majority. He explains to the ministers about Raghoba’s offer and Ahilya’s thinking. He says she wants us to be loyal to Madhav Rao. She says yes. He says Madhav Rao has commanded to take the Subedaari from me, I have served Malwa, I can leave the throne, but it will cause loss to Malwa, so we want to see the votes. The ministers discuss. Malhar asks them to raise hands if they are supporting Raghoba and him. Some of them raise hands. Gangoba also raises a hand. Ahilya sees Malerao. Malerao also raises a hand. She is shocked.

Raghoba smiles. Malerao says we have to think of this matter by getting over personal feelings, if anyone wants to make us away from Malwa, then we should fight that conspiracy. She asks what. He says I m giving my vote. She says I told you yesterday. He says yes, I have thought well, this is for Malwa’s betterment. She asks did anyone give you a secret proposal. He says no, you are insulting me by asking this. She says you are doing this for your motives. She argues. He asks will you say Malhar is wrong. He says I m on Raghoba’s side. He recalls Raghoba offering the Malwa throne and asking Malerao to give the vote to him. He says I will give you Subedaari, you will have your throne and take the decision for your people, you will become a hero in their eyes, you have to give the vote against Ahilya. FB ends.

Ahilya says you have cheated your mum. She scolds Malerao. A lady asks Ahilya to help her. Kesar meets her.

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