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The Episode starts with Gangoba saying the recommendation letters are ready to be sent to neighboring Subedaars. Malhar says thanks, did you mention about supporting Raghoba. Gangoba says yes. Ahilya says no, its not right, go to Pune and talk to Madhav Rao once. Dwarka comes and says no need. She argues with Ahilya. Ahilya taunts her for getting Gunu ji back in the palace. Dwarka says he is repenting. Ahilya says he is a snake and he will bite. She answers Dwarka. She says if Raghoba is wrong, then it will be proved and he will lose also, then I will come and talk to you, its my Maryada, its my passion to support the truth. Malhar hears her. Ahilya asks him to permit her to go to Janta Darbar. He nods. She thanks him and leaves.

Malhar says Gangoba, don’t stamp the letters, I will let you know. Malerao comes to meet Kesar. He doesn’t find her in the house. He says did Kesar go to Janta Darbar. Kesar helps the lady run away. The angry villagers look for them. Kesar asks the lady to come with her, they can get protection.

Ahilya solves the people’s problems in Janta darbar. The old lady comes shouting and asks her to find her grandchild. Kesar gets the lady there. Ahilya sees the lady with a little baby. The man complains about the lady. Dwarka and Gunu ji meet Raghoba and ask him not to underestimate Ahilya. She says Ahilya can make Malhar change the decision. Raghoba says this can’t happen, Ahilya wants to snatch my chance, I will stop her, where is she now. Gunu ji says Janta darbar. Kesar greets Ahilya. She says she is Shanta Tai, this baby is of her husband and his first wife, her husband died some months back, the family is saying she is unlucky and wants her to leave the house. The man says yes, Aai is right, since this lady came home, nothing right is happening with us, its my brother’s child, why shall we give him to her. Kesar defends the lady. Ahilya smiles hearing Kesar. Kesar asks Ahilya to do justice. Ahilya says I agree with Kesar, the lady who raises a child is also a mother, Shanta should keep this baby. Shanta takes the baby. Kesar chants Ahilya’s name. Ahilya says until Shanta gets independent and capable to raise the child, the royal treasures will fund the expenses. Shanta thanks her. Kesar takes Ahilya’s blessings. Ahilya thinks Kesar is different, she understands a mum and her son’s relation, she fought the society for them. She blesses Kesar.

She takes the baby in arms and smiles. A man aims the arrow at Ahilya. Ahilya says the baby is so lovely. Kesar sees the attacker and is shocked. She shouts and saves Ahilya. She gets hurt by the arrow. The guards run to catch the attacker. Shanta and Ahilya worry for Kesar. Another attacker aims the arrow at Ahilya. She bends down. Ahilya gives the baby to Shanta. Ahilya removes the arrow and ties a cloth to Kesar’s arm. She asks her to keep patience. Kesar sees Ahilya’s wound. Ahilya says you have become my shield, I m fine, get up, sit here. Guards come back. Ahilya asks what happened. Guard says we couldn’t catch them. She asks why. She sees the arrow and thinks now I know who did this attack.

Ahilya takes care of Kesar. She says I m your mum from today.

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