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The Episode starts with Raghoba asking Gunu ji to never forget his status. Gunu ji says you can’t attack Ahilya anywhere, she can’t get conquered, you don’t know who to attack, when to attack and where to do it, you are a kid when it comes to cheat and get cunning. Raghoba gets angry and snatches his Pagdi. Gunu ji hides his face. Raghoba insults him. Gunu ji says Ahilya got saved, she will soon find out who got her attacked, just worry, if Malhar knows this, then….. The matter will soon get known to everyone, I hope you have understood it. He goes.

Rakma says you should support Malhar. Tukoji says you tell me, what do you think. She says I think so. He says I don’t want to talk on this matter. She asks what about your dreams if Malhar loses the throne. He says its not my dream, its your dream, I m supporting Ahilya, she just wants to know if Raghoba is saying the truth. Gunu ji comes and says sorry to come this way, I just got informed about a deadly attack on Ahilya. Tukoji asks what. He rushes. Gunu ji asks shall I come along. Tukoji says no need. Gunu ji sees Rakma and goes.

Malerao waits for Kesar. He says maybe she is stuck in some problem, I should go and see. He leaves. Ahilya gets Kesar to her house. She asks the man to call the Vaid. Tukoji comes and asks Ahilya are you fine. She says yes. He asks who was the attacker. She says I didn’t see the face of that man, I know who did this, the one who knows about my location, look at this. She shows the arrow. He says this arrow is… She nods. The man says my aim was right, but… Raghoba says its okay, person makes mistakes, next time make the right attack. He asks Gunu ji to be careful, nobody should see this man. He goes. Gunu ji sees a scorpion. Shanta apologizes to Ahilya. Ahilya says you don’t feel guilty. Kesar says we can’t fight for Malwa. She asks Ahilya to get the aid. Ahilya says its okay, I will go to palace and get the aid, ask your mum to give you medicines on time. Kesar says I don’t have my mum, I m an orphan so I m not scared of death, no one will cry if I die. Ahilya says I m your mum from today, don’t say this again. Kesar says okay, I won’t say this again, you are with me. Ahilya says I felt like I have met my childhood, I m very happy meeting you, take medicines on time, I will send some guards for your protection, I will give you medicines. She gets dizzy and falls. Kesar shouts and goes to her. Tukoji comes in and sees Ahilya. He holds her and calls the guards. He asks guards to get the palanquin quickly. Dwarka asks why doesn’t anyone understand this, if Malhar goes with Peshwa, then Malwa won’t exist. Gautama says we need to know why Ahilya did this, there would be some reason. Dwarka argues. Malhar says Ahilya never opposed me till now, what happened that she doesn’t want me to support Raghoba. Gautama says yes, think why she is doing this, she wants Malwa’s betterment. He asks don’t I want the betterment. She says she thinks what you taught her. He says I regret that, she thinks more than me, she feels I m foolish. She says no. He says enough Gautama, she thinks I don’t know politics. She says I m afraid of the rift between Ahilya and you. He says Ahilya is my bahu, my daughter, Raghoba is close to me, if I have to choose one, who shall I choose, I have decided it. Dwarka smiles.

Harku Bai comes and says Ahilya… Gautama asks what happened. Everyone rushes to see Ahilya. Malhar and Gautama worry. Ahilya gets conscious. Gautama asks who did this, are you okay. Ahilya says I m fine. She gets up and sits. Malhar cries. His tear falls on her hand. She asks what happened, I m fine now, you are upset with me, why are you crying. He says I m upset, but as a King, not as your dad. She wipes his tears.

Ahilya says the attacker is one who wants to shut my mouth, Raghoba has served Peshwa till now. She tells her plan to Tukoji.

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