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The Episode starts with Malerao saying Kesar will stay here, she can get attacked in her house. Maina and Ahilya say Kesar can’t stay here. Malerao says I mean Gangoba should look after Kesar and protect her. Malhar asks Gangoba to make arrangements. Gangoba asks Kesar to rest in the guest room and not worry for anything. Kesar thinks to leave from there. Malhar and everyone talk to Ahilya. They ask Ahilya not to worry. Ahilya says I want a proof. Harku says Malerao wants it, we don’t want it. Ahilya says this matter is of Darbar now. Gautama says yes, you are dragged in this matter. Tukoji says you don’t need to prove your innocence. Ahilya says I need to prove it, Malerao accused me in the Darbar, I have to see the political affairs too, the big thing is that Kesar was attacked, who did that attack, this matter isn’t as simple as it looks, I went to meet Kesar, and then she got attacked, it means the attacker knew about our meeting, we have to find out who is the attacker, meet the villagers and try to find out who is trying to do this. Tukoji says I will come. He goes. Ahilya sees Malhar. Dwarka brainwashes Maina. She says Malhar married me and Gautama had tolerated the pain, then he married Harku and I passed through the same pain, Khanderao married Parvati and Ahilya faced the same pain, how long will this go on, someone has to raise voice.

Dwarka says I m worried for you, someone has to raise voice. Maina thinks. Dwarka goes. Yamuna goes to Kesar and asks her to have food. She says there is nothing like it appears. She fills her ears. Maina comes and scolds the guards. She says I have to talk to Kesar right away. Yamuna asks Kesar to have food. Maina comes in and slaps Kesar. Yamuna goes. Ahilya asks the men to find out the culprit and inform Tukoji. She says I have to talk to Kesar and Malerao once. Tukoji nods. Harku comes and asks Ahilya to come fast, Kesar…. Ahilya asks what happened to Kesar. Maina pulls Kesar’s hair and hurts her. Kesar screams. Maina says I won’t leave you. The maids stop Maina. Maina doesn’t leave Kesar. Malerao comes and gets angry. He asks the maids to go out. He asks Maina to leave Kesar. He pushes Maina away.

Ahilya comes and asks Maina to get up. She asks what’s happening. Maina says I request you, make Kesar out of my life. Everyone comes. Malhar asks what’s happening. Maina asks Gautama to return Malerao to her. Malerao says Maina tried to kill Kesar, Kesar isn’t safe here. Ahilya asks Maina is this true.

She scolds Maina. Maina says I can’t tolerate this girl, make her leave. Malerao says Kesar won’t go anywhere, she will stay with me in this palace. Ahilya says its not right and possible. Harku says Malerao, you understand your position and prestige. Malerao argues. He says Kesar will stay here or I will stay with her in her village. Malhar says enough Malerao, don’t cross your limits, what you are saying can’t happen, Kesar can’t stay here.

Malhar asks Gangoba to take Kesar away. Malerao gets his sword and threatens them.

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