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The Episode starts with Ahilya saying enough, your lie is exposed. Raghoba says you are insulting me, don’t forget my position, its higher than you. She scolds him and calls him a snake. He asks her to control her language. Malhar asks her not to forget her limits. She says it’s a initiative to stand with the truth, Raghoba’s character is suspected, he is hiding here and attacking us, he doesn’t want you to reach Pune Darbar, this man has dared to bury me alive. Malhar and everyone are shocked.

Raghoba asks Malhar to think, if any guard takes my name, does that prove that he is my soldier, Madhav Rao did this, he would be Madhav’s guard, he might have taken my name to defame me. Ahilya says yes, why not, he knew I will get saved and I will blame you, right, you mean he buried me to save me. He says its baseless, Malhar, we will go and attack Madhav Rao. Ahilya says argument can be denied, but the proof can’t be denied, their guards got late in attacking me, they didn’t know that I have met Madhav Rao in Pune and I was returning from there. Everyone is shocked. Ahilya gives the letter. She says I have met Madhav Rao and told him everything happening here, he has sent this letter for you. Malhar reads the letter. He is shocked.

She recalls meeting Madhav Rao. She tells him everything. Madhav says I will see Raghoba Kaka later, and about Malhar’s loyalty towards Peshwa, my dad and I are happy with him, I know he is the best to take care of Malwa, I will write a letter for him, give my greetings to him. She thanks him. He says I wish he will always bless me like my dad, tell him to be careful of Kaka. Malhar cries and is shaken. He takes Tukoji’s sword. He goes to Raghoba. He calms down. He gives the sword back to Tukoji.

He asks Raghoba to leave. He says go, before I forget you are Peshwa’s Bajirao’s son. Ahilya says no, we can’t let him go like that, he called you friend, he is a stain on friendship, kill this friendship, give Tilanjali to this friendship. She gives two sticks to Malhar. Malhar throws it. Ahilya picks it and burns it in havan kund. Malhar says our friendship is dead. Ahilya says never come back, dead relations never come back. Raghoba fumes and leaves. He sees Gunu ji and Dwarka. Malerao and Maina come home. Raghoba looks at him. Malerao thinks what happened here that the entire family is here.

Malerao and Maina greet Raghoba. Raghoba leaves. Kesar sees Malerao with Maina, and cries. They see Ahilya. Ahilya smiles. She applies black dot to Yashwant. She apologizes to Mukta. Gunu ji says Ahilya always gets saved, despite being buried alive. Dwarka says save what you can save. He asks what.

Dwarka says Raghoba is still powerful. He says it means we have to use it, I have to make him believe that I m loyal to him, not this palace. Sita says Malhar is calling you. Dwarka asks what happened now. She goes. Gautama asks Malhar what happened. He says you will know it in sometime. Dwarka comes and says you called me, what’s the matter. He says I feel my family is united. Ahilya comes.

She says you had called me. He says yes, come and sit down. He gifts her some Kalgi/ornament. He says this is for you. She says this… He says Bajirao Peshwa gave this to me when he made me Malwa Subedaar, it’s a sign that we are loyal to Peshwa, I feel you deserve this more than me. Gautama and Harku smile.

Malhar says I was into an illusion for a short time, I had lost my loyalty. Ahilya says no, I can’t take this. He says its not my request, but command. She takes it. She smiles.

Ahilya introduces Kesar in the Darbar. Everyone does the puja with the villagers. Attackers come to attack Malhar and Ahilya. They bravely fight.

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