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The Episode starts with Ahilya saying I will never let you bow down your head. Malhar hugs her and cries. He says if anything happened to you then I would have not tolerated it. She says Malwa’s other daughter has saved me. She tells how Kesar saved her. She says Kesar is fine now, Vaid has treated her, when the arrow was shot, I had a baby in her arms, I was saving him and maybe I got some internal injury so I fainted, I m fine now, that girl is also fine. Malhar asks who were they, who dared to attack Ahilya. Gangoba asks who were they. Tukoji says we didn’t get any info, our spies will find them soon. Ahilya says whoever was the attacker, we have his sign. She signs Tukoji. He gets the arrow and shows it to Malhar. Malhar says its Pune Peshwa’s arrow. She nods.

She says the attacker would be the one who wants to make me quiet, Raghoba raised sword at me in front of you in anger, he has been serving Peshwa only. Malhar gets angry. Ahilya says I don’t want to prove anyone right or wrong, I want you to not be proved wrong. He holds his fist and leaves. Gangoba asks him to listen. Malhar says it will be my final decision. Gangoba says don’t get angry and decide. Raghoba comes. Gunu ji hides and looks on. Malhar says this arrow was shot to kill Ahilya, it was Peshwa sign on it, I want to know who did this and why, it’s a shame that my children aren’t safe in my presence here, tell me. Raghoba says I also have a similar arrow with Peshwa sign, I got to know about the attack on Ahilya, my men and I were finding that culprit, my men has found him and captured him as well. Malhar is shocked. Raghoba says the truth will be soon out.

He takes Malhar and Gangoba to the jail. Malhar asks Gunu ji to unveil the man. They see the attacker. Gunu ji asks on whose saying did you do this, tell the truth. Gunu ji keeps the scorpion in the man’s clothes. The man falls and dies. Raghoba says Madhav Rao has done this. He lies to Malhar. He says look at the bright side of this incident, Ahilya is safe and the attacker is dead, there is a dark side also, I felt bad that you have doubted me. He acts. Malhar stops him and apologizes. Raghoba meets Dwarka and Gunu ji. He says I promise, I will help Gunu ji if he helps me, I will make Malhar forgive Gunu ji. She smiles. He says I have done my work well, now its your problem and you should solve it. She says you had got Ahilya attacked. He asks what do you want. She says I made a mistake, I didn’t tell Malhar and made Gunu ji a part of the darbar again. Raghoba says oh God…. You are much clever, I can just advice you one thing, those who are right ethically, then you should accept the mistake in front of them, you are sensible. Mukta asks Ahilya to have food. Tukoji says guards will be there for your safety, the yatra is of 2 days, people will know, you are injured. Ahilya says I m fine now. She sees Mukta. He asks what happened. She says Malhar went to meet Raghoba, right, what happened there, it’s a sign of threat, if the Subedaars get the letters, it will be a big problem. He asks what can we do. She says it’s a big conspiracy, now we have to make our player enter the field.
Raghoba says we will go to temple and you will get strength to decide. Ahilya calls Rajguru to the palace.

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