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The Episode starts with Malerao coming to see Ahilya and asking about the attackers. She says don’t worry, I m fine. He asks do you remember the attacker. She says no. He asks about the girl who saved her. She says she is fine, she is a nice and brave girl, I left guards there. He says we should go and thank her. She says you have a chance to take care of your wife. She sees Maina and asks her to come. She asks were you crying. Maina says no, I was busy in work. She complains about Malerao. Ahilya scolds Malerao and smiles. She asks them to stop fighting like kids.

She jokes. They laugh. Ahilya says Malerao, you solve this problem by telling her on your own, its easy, you won’t go to darbar for two days. He asks why. She says I have a request, work will go on, its imp to give time to family, I want you and Maina to go for a trip for 2 days, will you go. Maina smiles. Mukta asks Malerao to go. Ahilya says Maina will be with you. Malerao says sure. He goes. Ahilya asks Maina to make everything fine in 2 days. She asks Mukta to help Maina. Mukta agrees. Gautama asks Malhar what’s the dilemma. Malhar says I m not able to believe what I m seeing, Ahilya and Raghoba’s thinking are poles apart, but we can’t neglect that Ahilya is attacked, Madhav Rao doesn’t want me to sit on Malwa throne, if he has attacked Ahilya then… Gautama says if you understood this, then why are you silent. He says its just a guess. She asks who told you. He says Gunu ji called the attacker, I don’t know what to call him. Dwarka comes with Gunu ji.

She says I m also in a big dilemma, I don’t know whatever he did today, shall I praise him or hate him. She defends Gunu ji. She says it was my mistake to get him back to the palace, I have forgiven him and appointed him in the Darbar without informing Malhar. Malhar is shocked and asks how dare you do this. She begs him and says sorry, I m a mother. She shows Gunu ji’s stamp on the forehead. She says he is repenting, we have to forgive him else how will he change. Malhar says he has a right to live like an ordinary man if he has changed for good, I agree with you. Dwarka and Gunu ji smile.

Ahilya comes and says I don’t agree with this and I will never agree, whatever happened, I can’t forgive him and won’t let anyone else forgive him. Gunu ji looks at Dwarka. Malhar says try to understand, Gunu ji was punished, I didn’t forgive him, but I m praising his goodness. She asks what goodness, a man can change his face but not his nature, a snake always spits poison. He says don’t say this, Gunu ji caught the attacker. She says then there is a reason to doubt him, he can’t protect anyone when he kills people, I m doubtful that he has sent the people to kill me, then he got the attacker to save his image. Gunu ji says no, Ahilya. She scolds him.

She says Raghoba has threatened you about the throne and kept the unethical proposal, I was attacked, its all connected, why would he try to kill me when I m in his favor, I m sure now, Gunu ji has done all this, Raghoba is also involved. Malhar says enough Ahilya. He starts coughing. He says you won’t say a word more, its enough, I m not blind, you got adamant, I thought this can’t happen. Gautama looks on. Malhar says I was wrong about you. Ahilya cries. He says you just want to win, by ruining any relation, listen to me, I don’t need to consult you about the darbar decisions, you won’t interfere in any decision.
Raghoba says we will go to Mahakaal temple, you will get peace and strength to get the right decision. Ahilya says I have called Rajguru to reinstate Malhar’s faith.

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