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The Episode starts with Malhar scolding Ahilya. He leaves. She cries and asks Gautama what wrong did I say that he left in anger. Gautama pacifies her. She says when its about choosing one, I will always be with Malhar. Ahilya says I assure you, I won’t let Malhar bend towards the wrong direction. Malhar cries. Gautama comes and consoles him. She says I just want you to take the right decision, because Ahilya might be right too. Raghoba comes. Malhar says I want to talk to Madhav Rao once. Raghoba says you are still in a dilemma, but you have taken a decision, it means it’s a doubt, the time to talk to Madhav Rao has passed, are you waiting for anyone to die, Ahilya is lucky to get saved from the attack.

He says we should go to Mahakaal temple and you will find it easy to take a decision. Gautama and Malhar agree. Ahilya welcomes Rajguru home. He signs her and recalls Tukoji meeting him and giving Ahilya’s message. Dwarka and Ahilya greet Rajguru. Rajguru says I felt the danger on Malwa, so I have come here, I will pray, no one will interfere in the Anushtaan, you should make food and keep bhog for the poor, make charity to the poor, Ahilya can keep anyone as her helper. Dwarka says I will be there. Ahilya says no, its not right to do a tough Anushtaan, you are the eldest here, you do your work that suits you, I have decided who to keep with me, Mukta, go and make the preparations. She asks Guru ji to come.

Dwarka goes to Gunu ji. She says Ahilya has sent Malerao and Maina on a trip, Malhar and Raghoba went to Mahakaleshwar, Ahilya will take an advantage of this, who is there in her room. Gunu ji says it will be a profit to us, Ahilya will be busy in Anushtaan. She says but I don’t find it right. He says don’t worry, Raghoba has shut all the borders of Malwa. He smiles. They see the servants going. Dwarka says you think this is a joke. He says game is going to begin, one who rebels will play it, I will give you a hint, Malerao’s love trip won’t be successful, he will ignite the fire happily. Malerao comes to Maina. He says I was busy, I also wanted this, you also stay busy all the time, I will end all your complains today. She smiles. He kisses her. She imagines this. She looks for him. He is outside. He leaves.

Maina cries seeing him going. Raghoba says we will go for Mahakaal darshan in the morning, is this right. Malhar says sure. Raghoba asks what happened, are you fine. Malhar says yes, I m bit tired. Raghoba says you should take care, Gautama would be waiting. Malhar goes. Raghoba smiles and thinks Ahilya can’t do anything.

Ahilya asks Mukta to take a disguise. Raghoba shouts and runs to Malhar.

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