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The Episode starts with Ahilya saying I have to win back Malhar’s trust again, so Rajguru had to come here, it was imp. Gautama sees Malhar worried. She asks what are you thinking. He says about Ahilya. She says its wrong, don’t worry about Ahilya. He says I m not upset with her, I don’t know what happened to her senses, why is she behaving like that. She asks him to take rest. He says I have always been loyal to Pune throne, now the situation has changed, what shall I do, why is Ahilya behaving like that.

Gunu ji sees Rajguru going. He says I have to find out. He goes. Rajguru enters Ahilya’s room and meets Ahilya and Tukoji. She shuts the door. He asks why did you shut the door. She says I don’t know who is on whose side, I m saying the truth, I just want to balance out things, I have made a plan and I want your help. Rajguru says sometimes time don’t let us understand things, I have misunderstood you before, I got a chance to repent today, I have a warning, think well and do it, your life might fall in danger. She says I have to look after Malwa first. He blesses her. She thanks him and asks for his permission. He asks her to say.

She says Mukta has to give a sacrifice, I want your permission. He asks what sacrifice. She shows something to him. He says I permit you. She says I don’t have any other option. He blesses her. Maina cries and waits for Malerao. She says you aren’t with me even today, I have light this diya for you, come back soon. She sees her inner self and talks to her. Malerao meets Kesar and takes care of her.

He says you saved Ahilya and didn’t care for yourself. She smiles. Yashwant gets Mukta to Ahilya’s room. He greets Ahilya. Ahilya says I m going to give you a big responsibility. She shows the dull color saree. Mukta gets scared. Ahilya says you have to accept this plain clothes for the sake of your motherland. Mukta argues. She refuses to help. Ahilya says listen to me once, it’s a part of my plan, that’s it, I m going out of the palace for two days, you have to wear these clothes and sit in my room for Anushtaan, so that everyone thinks I m in my room, you have to do this for our Malwa. Mukta says but… Yashwant says its just a mission. Mukta says no, I won’t wear the white saree. He convinces Mukta. Ahilya explains her stand and asks Mukta to live a life. Mukta agrees. Ahilya smiles. Guard tells Gangoba about the sound coming from the jungle, it can be any threat. Malhar is sleeping.


Tukoji gets Kesar to the palace. Gautama sees something in the village and screams.

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